Chelsea Grin - Recreant

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Music video by Chelsea Grin performing Recreant. (C) 2010 Artery Recordings. Manufactured and marketed under exclusive license to Razor & Tie Direct, LLC.
"Recreant", исполнитель: Chelsea Grin (Google Play • iTunes)

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Cover Version , Chelsea Grin-Recreant

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United States

Deathcore, Club Volta, Russia Federation, Moscow, 03 march 2015

Pre-recorded, no effects.
All copyrighted items belong to the rightful owners.

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в конце прога подвела,ебано отредактировала(

First Chelsea Grin song I have done. I am not the biggest fan of Chelsea Grin but that doesn't change the fact that this song is badass \m/

I used an instrumental track so all the vocals you hear are me even the layered ones in the background. Tell me what you think in the comments and subscribe to see more covers like this one!

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3:32 FOR BREAKDOWN ;) Drum Cover of Chelsea Grin's song "Recreant" off the album "Desolation of Eden"

rocking out in times square with our new basis

By Denduist
Cort EVL-Z4
Line 6 Spider IV 75

Don't know why I haven't covered this song earlier, but here you go. Hope you like it :)


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Watch Chelsea Grin perform "Recreant" live at The 'Desolation of Eden' Tour at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA!

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Audio mixed by: Matt Thomas @ AshTone Audio

Video by: CaliberTV & BVTV
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a little technical problem in the beggining couldn't stop us,enjoy! - будь в центре музыкальных новинок! - Подпишись! (Vox) (Guitar)

The official music video for Chelsea Grin's "Recreant," directed by Stefan Anderson.

Purchase Chelsea Grin's album Desolation Of Eden for just $5 via Amazon MP3 @

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Directed by Stefan Anderson:
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Chelsea Grin playing "Recreant" at The Vans Warped Tour Pomona 2012 on The Monster Stage.

Recreant y chelsea grin, bass cover.
Bass: washburn taurus WBB40
Amp: Guitar rig 4

Chelsea Grin playing Recreant

The Vans Warped Tour 2014

Houston, Texas.

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не без косяков конечно, но жалко было не выкладывать

Мой первый пробник

Смотреть на качестве (480) А то на меньшем звук отстаёт(

Vans Warped Tour 2014
Portland, Oregon
Portland Expo Center

короче гитара вся фонит заебала,тушить приходится аж двумя руками одновременно,при нажатой 1ке(онли), просто на ней строй необходимый,заебло уже записывать,в середине полный косяк а покраям ахуенчик,

Первый ковер на челси грин.

P.S видео не несет никакой смысловой нагрузки)

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tell me what to cover next ^^
not my best but still hope you watch it
yepp some problems with lows sometimes, as always :(
scream is smth i'm proud of

i know you asked me to cover smth from chelsea grin ep but i can't do such scream good enough, mb later :(

А как я должен описывать видео? О_о
Жопой 4то ли иль как !?

i had forget that this song was existing, so here you have an cover on a brutal song from chelsea grin! bass drop in the video, so be prepared with good headphones! Adam Björk 16 years old

So, here´s my new cover of recreant by Chelsea grin.
Equipment what I used:
Line6 X3 live, Cubase 5, and my new 7string guitar ESP LTD sc 607.

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Hey guys, here's another Chelsea Grin cover. Such a sick song and so heavy! I know the sweeps aren't great but this is my first attempt at sweeping so don't be too harsh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please leave a like. Thanks :D

Tuning: Drop A

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Artist: Chelsea Grin
Song: Recreant
Album: Desolation Of Eden

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Esp/Ltd sc-207
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Peavey valveking 412 column
Tc Electronics Flashback Delay and Looper
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March 21, 2012
Chelsea Grin @ Mojoes
Joliet, IL

**This video was filmed with permission from the band, management, record label or a combination thereof. All copyrights and trademarks are property of their respective owners. I assume no ownership or rights to (said) properties**

A really long breakdown from Chelsea Grin- Recreant at Seattle/Auburn Warped Tour!

Зажгли ребята)))

Recreant (Vocal Cover) by Exitr0 [I come in around 0:38] - FULL VERSION on his channel!

ft. Brandon Kennedy (me) - starting around 0:38

Instrumental by Andrew Baena / Galactic Pegasus

Снимал игру через FRAPS с 20fps
В игре не было лагов, но видео с таким фпс не радует :c
Музыка: Chelsea Grin - Recreant

Качество правда не очень

ссылка на группу:

Personally, best band of the day haha.

Первое выступление.29.07.12.г. Хабаровск.

Спасибо Леше из Sorrow You Deserve за фейлы с Антоном в конце,и за то что прокачал)))

This is mainly just for the breakdown. Recorded at the Toronto Warped Tour on July 15th 2012. RIP to the girl who died during their set.

Chelsea Grin's song "Recreant" being played on my 18"

CG preforming recreant live.

All rights belong to Chelsea Grin and The Artery Foundation.

chelsea grin - recreant

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Audio mixed by: Zakk Cervini - Civere Sounds

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STRINGS: Dunlop 13-56

DAW: Reaper 4.591

Filmed by Relive the Moment Concert Recordings:

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July 28, 2011
Chelsea Grin @ Congress Theater
"All Stars" Tour
Chicago, IL

Понедельники наступают так быстро, что я не успеваю разбирать новые песни))) В этот раз я решил отделаться легким соляком из песни Recreant группы Chelsea Grin)) Смотрим!)

Буду рад всем тем, кто следит за творчеством моей группы. Переходим по ссылке и подписываемся, будет громко!!)))
(Группа начинающая, и постепенно сообщество будет пополняться интересным материалом)

Прошлый мой кавер ушел глубоко-глубоко вниз по стенке, найти его можно у меня в видеозаписях))

#Chelsea Grin #guitar #solo #sweep #sweep_picking #imbalance_band

Shot at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and in Atlanta, GA. A documentation from 3 shows, of Chelsea Grin's pre-set ritual and show opener.

Look for EVOLVE to release early this summer!

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Сыграл как говно и рад.

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Watch Chelsea Grin perform "Recreant" live from San Antonio, Texas on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour.

Chelsea Grin
Song: "Recreant"
Album: 'Desolation of Eden'
Label: Artery Recordings

Complete tour details at

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Chelsea Grin - Cheyne Stokes / Recreant
Live at Zal Ozhidaniya, St. PETERSBURG, 02.03.2015.

like if you like it :D
P.S fucking camera

Chelsea Grin performing "Recreant" at the 2012 Denver Warped Tour!

Музыкальный комплекс "Тыква" 27.06.14

HD 1080!
Chelsea Grin, Sweden/Gothenburg 2014

Live in San Antonio, Texas on March 14, 2013 at The White Rabbit - South by Dirty South 2013

Chelsea Grin - Recreant (my guitar practice)

chelsea grin live @ twin falls<br/><br/>

07.05.2016 - InRock club, Volgograd

Chelsea Grin Live
Transitions Art Gallery
Tampa, FL

Пацаны, короче тут такое дело, решил писать ковры. Начну с группы Chelsea Grin, ковер на песенку "Recreant" (небольшое превью). Цените, кто заинтересован ставьте лойсы, за репост благодарочка, комментите, обсирайте, одобряйте, советуйте