Clock Opera - Once And For All

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Written and directed by Ben Strebel, Produced by Alice Lusher, DoP: Benjamin Kracun, Editor: Hazel Baillie, Script Consultant: Tim Hoare, Casting by Sacha Green, Production Designer:
Kate Evenden, Sound Designer: Michael Floyd, Colourist: Houmam Abdallah, Gaffer: Carolina Schmidtholstein, Sound Recordist: Robin Gerrard, Hair and Make-Up Designer: Stephanie G-M, Stylist: Daisy Newman, Video commissioner: Guillermo Ramos

Cast: Old Man -- Dudley Sutton, Old Lady -- Ann Queensbury, Young Lady -- Catherine Steadman.

A Saloon Films Production (

With Special Thanks to The Mill, Feral Equipment, Take 2 Films, Arri Media, Panalux, Natasha Hoare, Caroline Iliffe, Sanne Wohlenberg

© 2011 Universal-Isl

иногда можно и не успеть.

не бояться…
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Clock Opera – Once And For All

Written and directed by Ben Strebel
Produced by Alice Lusher
Executive Producer - Emory Ruegg
Production Company: Saloon Films
DoP: Benjamin Kracun
Editor: Hazel Baillie
Script Consultant: Tim Hoare
Casting by Sacha Green
Production Designer: Kate Evenden
Sound Designer: Michael Floyd
Colourist: Houmam Abdallah
Gaffer: Carolina Schmidtholstein
Sound Recordist: Robin Gerrard
Hair and Make-Up Designer: Stephanie G-M
Stylist: Daisy Newman
Video commissioner