Collective Soul Cat
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Collective Soul Cat

Girl Talk's cat.
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Collective Soul Cat BREAKDOWN

Collective soul cat
JP Coakley (c)

by Тоха Мартын

by Mikhail Tabunov

by Mikhail Tabuno'v

Denis Dobrovolskiy

by Denis Dobrovolskiy

by Vlad Maryashev

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Она просто няша :3 Моя нарезка этого шедевра)

Girl Talk's cat.

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Girl Talk's cat.

Она просто няша :3 Моя нарезка этого шедевра)

These two belong together

"Shine" by Collective Soul
Cat with music -
Documentary footage of bird -
Bird with music -

There's a lot of copies of these videos on the net and I'm not sure which is the original upload, but these are the ones I downloaded to make this compilation.

Cat meows Collective Soul's Let you love shine down