Come, Little Children


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. .▫Come Little Children, I'll Take Thee Away
Into A Land Of Enchantment. . .▫

VIDEO: Supernatural
MUSIC: Kate Covington – Come Little Children

Thought I would throw a few more of these your guys' way when I feel in the mood.




FOB Equestria



Активная жизненная группа . Красивое видео и фото и многое другое. а так же сайт группы Мы ждем тебя . Присоединяйся ))

официальная страница группы -
вокал - Анастасия LUNA_WOLF Акрилова
Гитара - Иван Борейш
Бас-гитара - Артём Аксёнов
Cate Covington, Hocus Pocus cover
(Хоррор Бар 18.04)



After 2 months of work, it's finally done!!! *Collapses*

I thought this song would make a really good (And hopefully creepy) Discord PMV, so I decided to challenge myself with it. This video gave me a lot of problems and I got stuck numerous times, but I finally pulled though and finished it. It's also my first full video in a while, so I'm pleased with that. XD

I also wanted to make this in celebration of Discord coming back to the show next season! I'm SO excited!!! I'll finally see him again and I'll have more footage to edit with. 8D

Hope you enjoy this, guys!!! A LOT of work went into it!

I start college tomorrow so this also might be my last full video in quite some time, but who knows? I might surprise everyone. Especially since I plan on starting an even long video some time very soon with a new show. ;3


Nimueh прекрасна)

Аниме:Vampire Knight/Рыцарь-вампир
Музыка:Kate Covington – Come Little Children

Please watch in HD, it worths!

So, yesterday I was bored and went to bed really early. Today I woke up at 6 AM, and I had no idea of what to do. I turned on my computer and I was like "Oh, today is the last day of the year" . I swear I wasn't aware of that. Then I made this video as a "Happy new year" for you all, and it's also a "Thank you" for 700 subs. I reached it so fast I can't even believe it! Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

Now, about the video:
Nala & Kiara - Sisters,

❧Motion by Misao Mei

❧Motion DL -

❧Model ~Insane Princess~ by AmaneHatsura

❧Model DL _____

❧Effects: Ask meee :3

Группа ВК

Model by Skary66 (Miku) KaaiDoriko (Child)
Motion by

My VK ( )
My DeviantArt


Please enjoy

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Motion DL by Misao Mei :


Песня: Kate Covington – Come Little Children

Спасибо за просмотр))

model by horipu and me -_-
motion by Misao Mei

It had to be done.

Contains major spoilers for Over the Garden Wall.

OTGW belongs to Cartoon Network, Patrick McHale, Nick Cross etc
Song is "Come Little Children" by Erutan

Good job everyone, all the parts look fantastic and flow nicely into each other

9. LeenaZenyo

none of the art belongs to me and most likely same with the other editors.
Song cover is by katethegreat19
enjoy this MEP awesomeness<br/><br/>

I've been working on this for months. It was going fine and dandy, then I wasn't able to open the vid in Sony Vegas 11 (that's what I use) After a while, it turns out one of the movies I was using was causing it. I got rid of the movie, and everything was fine. The movie was Return to Neverland, which was weird 'cause I was able to use it before. So I had to replace it with LM2: Return to the Sea, which I was already using, and replaced THAT with the Lion King, which I was also already using.
Two demon

Beyond Birthday shows the Wammy Kids the way through life :) Also this is my 50th video post!! So I made this extra special! :)

Come Little Children Lyrics:

Come Little Children, I'll Take Thee Away
Into A Land Of Enchantment
Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden Of Shadows

This is to celebrate and a huge thank you to all the 351 subscribers I have on my channel! This is for you guys!!! It's been a long while since I've created a wholock video, this leans more to doctor who than sherlock as I'm currently trying to get back the Sherlock episodes. However I did use some one's fan made wholock piece to add in the video. Of course credits go to them and links are below! And credits to the wonderful lady who sang this beautiful song.

The story behind this is, The Doctor visi

Anime-Vampire Knight
Mp3- Come, Little Children
Avtor-Marihka 5
Priyatnogo prosmotra

Love anime

HD and headphones really make a difference.

First of all, I should have finished this months ago. I can't seem to finish any of my current projects so I'm just so relieved to see this done. Due to my program being updated I nearly lost all of my coloring/transitions for this one; not to mention I had to render it 12 times before it worked (I almost gave up, because seriously, 12 times).

This was requested/inspired by my friend Sullabib, and I was even surprised I never noticed how well this song fits for

Beyond Birthday - Come Little Children (50th video)

i was going through my music when i found the song come little, children and instantly thought of Medusa and Rachel from soul eater

Ich wollte schon seit Ewigkeiten ein Video zu diesem Lied machen, aber irgendwie fehlte die Motivation und die Inspiration. Inzwischen hats geklappt und eigentlich bin ich auch zufrieden damit :)

Edit: Inzwischen bin ich zufrieden, aber wahrscheinlich wird mir das Video irgendwann so keine Ruhe mehr lassen, dass ich es neu machen werde! Aber fürs erste lasse ich es jetzt hochgeladen! Nachdem Vegas mich verarscht hab und ich Vegas dann verarschen wollte, es aber nicht mitgespielt hat.. Nun ja :D Ist e

I made this Amv becasue I thought it suited Vampire Knight Quite well especially to Kaname XP
Happy Halloween Guys!! :P

Anime - Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty
Song - Come Little Children
Program - Vegas Pro 9.0

I do not own the anime and the this AMV is purely fan made and has nothing to do with the actual anime in any way <br/><br/>

Added to Youtube 29 10 2015
Starting Halloween early. The most metal of holidays. New halloween-vid up on saturday :) Leave a comment and SUBSCRIBE! \m/^_^\m/ To get the mp3, backingtrack and more go to:
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Tribute to all the kids from the tv show Supernatural that sufficiently creeped me out. Song covered by the amazingly talented katethegreat19 (who I got permission from to use this song):

(I command you to watch her video! The song is originally from the movie Hocus Pocus, which I love and still watch every Halloween.)



Feliz Halloween!
Esta vez HUVS les presenta uno de nuestros MEP's más horripilantes.
En este día de fantasmas, brujas y vampiros, no te atrevas a confiar en la encantadora voz de alguna hermosa mujer, ni siquiera si se trata de alguna de nuestras adoradas heroinas non/disney. Porque ellas serán las criaturas más peligrosas y hermosas esta noche.


This song was requested for days and days and days by my friend.
So I finally made it.
I hope you guys like it,
Fav, Like, Subscribe.
Any is appreciated!
Art is by @ Deviantart.
The 'cover' is by Katethegreat19, I can't find the link for it though, I forgot to bookmark the link x_x. Try Beemp3 or Mp3skull. D:
Lyrics are by me, meaning I listened to the song as carefully as I could.


Music (Kate Covington - Come Little Children)
Оператор - Дарья Наседкина, Алексеева Анастасия
У большинства посмотревших это видео совершенно разное мнение о сюжете. Я же хотела донести, что детей нужно беречь, иначе придёт странная тётя в белой маске и их заберёт с собой;)


Двадцать девятое видео

By ClaraGrapevine •

Не гарантирую, что выпущу это видео

Drawings by:
Music: Come Little Children
Play with me:
Personal Facebook:
Ask me stuff:

I love the movie Coraline so I decide to make this. Enjoy!

{All rights and amazing art work goes to their rightful owner(s)}

Song: Come little children

Season of Ghosts feat. ZOMBIE SAM - [Sarah's theme] Come little children. - FREE DOWNLOAD - Homepage:

Originally featured in the 90s movie classic, "HOCUS POCUS", Season of Ghosts' version of "Sarah' s theme" offers a dark, enigmatic twist to an all- time- favourite Disney soundtrack.

Produced & Mixed by ZOMBIE SAM


Watch Part 2 "I Put A Spell On You" here:

Download the single on iTunes:
Amazon mp3:
*also on Spotify

Director/Cinematographer/Post Production: Brandon Toy
Check out his channel of funny kid songs here:

Sarah Sanderson: Traci Hines (me)
Music Arrangement, Orchestration & Production: Joris Daniel Hoogsteder http://www.jorisdan

I got bored. So I just made a video of the new anime that im watching , Katekyo Hitman Reborn (:<br/><br/>


Reblog it on Tumblr:

Song: Come little Children

this is a video about my favorite killing children, its from the walking dead,the whisper,legend of the seeker,supernatural and terror on elm street i was bored and i love this song.
the its not nearly as good as "ilovethesepeople"s version but i just wanted too do one any way and i dont think it sucks :P

Here you are. I couldn't find a piano tutorial, so when I figured out how to play the song, I decided to make one. I'll try and figure out the left hand later.<br/><br/>

I do not own any of the material used in this AMV. Madoka Magica, A.K.A Puella Magi Madoka Magica, is licensed in North America by Aniplex of America. The Song "Come Little Children" is performed by Erutan and owned by Sony Music. Everything used in this AMV is protected under Fair Use. (Note to self 13 previous votes) Please check out my other videos

Hello :3 I know it´s not the best version, but I enjoyed making it :3

I wanted to make something kinda creepy, with Harry Potter. Failure? I think it's about half as good as it could have been but I didn't clean it up as much as I could have. I'm just about fed up with it. But I finished the song so yay!

I am sorry to say I have no amvs in the makes, but I do have a veery short harry potter spoof and vidlet near done, and then an AU vid I have all planned out but won't be able to start for a few days. It's kinda morbid, I guess I'm in a rather woeful mood lately. Still

**Please Watch in HQ, Rate and Comment**

I just hope it was worth it...

Hey Everyone. ^_^


歌曲:Come Little Children
演唱:Kate Covington
軟體使用:Corel VideoStudio Pro X6

聲明:影片僅作為向《驅魔少年》與Kate Covington致敬,使用的漫畫片段、聲音版權等等皆屬原作所有。

Sarah Jessica Parker sings 'Come Little Children' for Hocus Pocus =)...

она крутая. мне оч нравится.
прям завораживает немного даже

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla

Будущее. Деспотичное государство ежегодно устраивает показательные игры на выживание, за которыми в прямом эфире следит весь мир. Жребий участвовать в Играх выпадает юной Китнисс и тайно влюбленному в нее Питу.This fan tribute for The Hunger Games was made purely for entertainment. Go see the movie in theaters now!
Song arranged by katethegreat19 (as an expansion of a short tune from the movie Hocus Pocus).
Film: The Hunger Games
Edited by: Krystalb2000 and Tekkerue
Song: "Come Little Children" by katethegreat19 (used with permission)

Original singing done by katethegreat19, slightly edited by me

The song is much older than the Movie Hocuspocus, it started out as a poem


Come Little Children ~ fan arranged by Erutan ( katethegreat19 )

Come Little Children, I'll Take Thee Away
Into A Land Of Enchantment
Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden Of Shadows

Happy Halloween (?)
Luka V2 in background.
MMD Model by remmaple
Come Little Children by James Horner
Arrange by katethegreat19
Instrumental/VSQx by me
Film Pan's Labyrinth
Original Vid:

Come Little Children Soundtrack

Mp3 Download:

The music is free to download and free to use as long you give me a credit.

So this is my first real AMV my other marik one is pretty good though but and BTW i dont own Black butler or "Kuroshitsuji" as the japanese version but anyway. My friend kuu showed me Black butler on a very very long bus ride and we got up to like episode 8 and im in love with Sabastian's eyes! They are just so pretty to look at~! Ciel is cool too, but so far some of my faveorite characters, beside Sebastain, are Grell and the Under Taker. And the cover song is done by the amazingly voiced Katethegreat19!


Wendy Darling [upon seeing Emma]: "You're... you're a grown up?"

FANDOM: Once Upon A Time
SONG: Come Little Children by Erutan [katethegreat19]
THEME: Neverland and Peter Pan
EDITING SOFTWARE: Sony Vegas Platinum Pro 11
DISCLAIMER: I own none of the footage in this video, nor the music. Nor do I make money from this video.

I love scary movies (horrors) and these are a few of my favourite ones, combined into one video. Creepy children scare me most. What's your favourite horror? There might be quite a few good ones that I haven't seen yet.

- The Shining
- The Exorcist
- The Children
- Silent Hill
- The Amityville Horror
- The Omen 666
- The Ring
- Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
- The Woman in Black
- A Nightmare on Elmstreet

Info about the song can be found at the end of this video.

Since it's getting close to Halloween, I thought I'd do this cover from one of my favorite Disney Halloween films. "Come Little Children" by James Horner, who should've stuck with the score of this film, but John Debney ain't bad. Enjoy!


I did add strings, and bells to this piece because having JUST a piano wouldn't cut it. I do not own any of the rights to this film, nor to the composer.

omgggg. I love how creepy this song is. 😈 I found it on one of my favorite movies " Hocus Pocus " it was a quick cover so i probably didn't do well. 😜 oh well haha I love this song and the movie. I believe it's also on Bioshock 2. enjoy & feel free to request songs. 💘 | On instagram.

Come Little Children - Hocus Pocus

Back into the swing of things....HALLOWEEN type things!
Here is my rendition of Come Little Children from the popular film Hocus Pocus (if you haven't seen it it's a MUST SEE!). Composed on my wonderful midi keyboard which I am only JUST now getting to enjoy after being ill.
Enjoy! xx

FREE Download:

Come little children

still good song i'snt it??? let me know how you liked the thing i did with the pic :)

SONG - Come Little Children by Kate Covington


Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Enjoy the nightcore!!! ^^

Pictures download link:

There are quite a few!

I dont own the pic nor song. Please subscribe for more.


Оригинальное исполнение Erutan 'Come little children'
Заходите в мою группу Вконтакте-

song link
by Lexi VA
program used Sony Vegas
I'll do another version later

New motion!

This time i've tried to make something diffrent.... :D

and the effects are not the best but i hope u will like it c:

Motion DL


By me (Misao Mei)


By KaaiDoriko ( i think)

By AmaneHatsura


For Halloween I decided to do a cover of Come Little Children. I loved the movie Hocus Pocus and I've been wanting to cover this song for a while.

Please feel free to use this song for your cover songs!

- Buy my music in Loudr!:
- Original songs and covers in iTunes!:
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- Come Little Children is a very misterious but beautiful song featured in the Hocus Pocus film~ I fell in love with this song when I listened to Erutan's (aka katethegreat19) version (,

[club56176916|Новинки кино] - только самые свежие фильмы

Найди свое кино здесь:
Поиск по фильмам:

Just a few shots of Warlords scenery I enjoy and I wanted to fiddle with colors a bit.
Music by KatetheGreat aka Erutan

Song - Come Little Children

The creepy ponies belong to ( aisu-isme ) on

More creepy ponies

Ouaii l'ambiance et la joie de vivre du monde résumée en une vidéo... =w=


Ouai ces temps ci je poste plus souvent des vidéos et baa chais pas vraiment pourquoi en fait XD


Hey again guys :3

I had a really successful night for recording tonight xD (as you can see haha) I saw this prepared fandub and HAD to do it, seeing as this was my favorite halloween movie growing up.

Thanks to ADubReadys4You for this lovely instrumental :D I hope you all enjoy ^__^


Come Little Children
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of Enchantment

Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play

song: Katethegreat19 - Come Little Children
motion: Misao Mei
models: Roco, UniDX
stage: Forest by amiamy111
effects: Diffusion7, HgSSAO, SvSSAO, PowerDOF, G_Shader, AdultShader, AutoLuminous, ikOverray, o_Bleach-bypass, 1color, 4color, NightFog, KiraKira, PostBlackOut, CheapLens, MotionBlur

I do not own anything in the video. If you want to here the original song then go to her account: katethegreat19 Please enjoy(:

This song was originally in a movie named "Hocus Pocus", but I found this song from a video called "Children of the Night".

Images (all in order):

Просто не мог обойти стороной одно из прекраснейших фанатских видео про принцессу Луну) Изначально эта музыкальная тема появилась в фильме "Фокус-покус". Возможны маленькие несостыковки с видеорядом, но это не страшно)

Заходите в группу ВК:

Идите ко мне маленькие детки, я уведу вас в волшебную страну...

Comic Belongs To Rebornica -

Just a vid I put together about creepy kids from TV shows like Supernatural, movies like The Omen and The Ring and also Dakota Fanning from Hide and Seek. I find the character of Maggie and Lilith out of Supernatural to be the most disturbing as they look so cute but are really sooooooooo creepy!

I do not own any of the images or music, all of them are owned by their respective parties. Thanks for watching :)

Christmas songs for children-Christmas songs-The Little Match Girl-Santa claus is coming to town

A touching story is adapted from the work of The Little Match Girl by Danish writer Andersen. This is a Christmas story for children since won most every Christmas. Take away all tears when watching the story.

Factor between cold night, she had to go across the street to sell the match, but no one paid attention to me, they are busy busy to return to pick up the family Christmas party. She wore a thin virtual

" Hocus Pocus " Medley
Performed by Kris + Julie Alberts -me and my sis :-D
Music Arranged and Produced by our dad Albert Asriyan.


I put a spell on you (original)- Screamin' Jay Hawkins
"Hocus Pocus" Film:
Music- John Debney
Lyrics- James Horner
Vocals- Bette Midler
Vocals- Sarah Jessica Parker

Russian Suzuki students with the "Kremlin" chamber orchestra

Maya playing O Come Little Children...still 3 years old.

Hey guys I got dressed up for halloween last night and I was sarah sanderson out of Hocus Pocus. This video was just before I went into town to party as Sarah Sanderson.

Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night everybody.
A picture tribute to one of my favorite characters from Friendship is Magic.

Rozen Maiden AMV
Won Best Action/Dance at AFW7!! (Anime Festival Wichita 7 2011)
Won Best Drama at Naka-Kon 2012
Dear You-Higurashi
Come Little Children-katethegreat19
Plz comment and rate. I am planning on putting this is a contest so i would like to know if it is good enough to win
Thanks!! ^^
I don't own any of the episodes i used or the songs

Come Little Children, my full version, from the movie Hocus Pocus.
Come little children
I'll take thee away, into a land
of Enchantment

Come little children
the time's come to play
here in my garden
of Shadows

Follow sweet children
I'll show thee the way
through all the pain and
the Sorrows

Weep not poor childlen
for life is this way
murdering beauty and

Hush now dear children
it must be this way
to weary of life and

Rest now my children
for soon we'll away
into the calm and
the Quiet

Come little children
I'll take thee away, into a land
of Enchantment

Come little children
the time's come to play
here in my garden
of Shadows

Hey guys, Long time no see.

Well I've been pretty busy lately, but as of right now, I'm settling in to my new unit in the army. And with that, comes new music. Yes, I am back. XD. So with this little bit to pique your interest, be prepared for some new stuff soon! Got a brand new microphone and setup, so music will be both plentiful and higher quality, hopefully!

And, yeah... I don't sing nearly well enough to do the vocal harmony stuff, so a four-part guitar solo will have to suffice =

Happy Halloween everyone!
I always loved this song but then I do love everything by James Horner. I hope you all enjoy my take on it.

I do have another Halloween song coming up for you so stay tuned. :-)

Text based on the poem "Come Little Children" by Edgar Allan Poe
Additional text by Brock Walsh
Music by James Horner
1993 Walt Disney Music Company

wow look nicole gets stuff done ayyyeeee
also if anyone has a download of after effects i'd be really grateful if you sent me it because of reasons thanks

(i'm not really sure where i got the flower picture from but i'll look for it tomorrow)

Words & music by Christoph Von Schmidt and J.A.P. Schulz
Arranged by Mark Hanson
Played by Bob GLAD

Hosted by TheMasterEddo

Theme: A villainess is trying to lure a child character into her trap; child is hypnotized by her promise of a land of enchantment and magic.

Parts / Editors

Sarah Jessica Parker singing come little children from Hocus Pocus. :D

E-Book NOW AVAILABLE for $2.99 from Amazon:

Synopsis: The Nolan morgue is more than just an ordinary funeral home. When their newest employee uncovers a supernatural conspiracy connected to a string of child murders, she must use every shred of her intelligence to stop a new breed of serial killer and escape the morgue alive.


Come fly with Debbie Doo and "Little Blue" her cute, fun, friendly animated airplane while singing along to his fun and catchy song.
Watch out colorful birds! Here comes Little Blue as he dives, soars and takes Debbie Doo on a wonderful journey.

Remember to outstretch your arms as you fly along but make sure to be careful when you come into land!

Boys and girls take your seats!

*Download Full Instrumental* This is the song that is well known to one of my favorite movies "Hocus Pocus." This version, however, is with the additional lyrics from the poem it was derived from. READ for more info:

Add me on Pottermore: DraconisFlight7442
Follow me on Tumblr:

There is some dispute as to who wrote the poem (between Debney, Poe, or someone else), but I won't pick a side on that issue. The poem is still beautiful regardless of who wro

Музыка в названии.

I do not own anything in this video. Credits goes to the respective owners. The original video I got the music from was taken down, so I unfortunately can't link back to it. This was a video editing project for my Editing Techniques class at the Art Institute of Houston - North.
The original inspiration for this video was when I first heard the nightcore version of this song from a friend. I commented that the voice reminded me of Fluttershy; another friend responded with a scenario of Fluttersh


Ok so me and farrin decided since it was halloween time this would be a proper song to sing and we also turned it into a duet, im kind of annoyed because the volume was being dumb and still bothers me it just feels like its going in and out but anyway let us know what you think...oh this is a different version and farrin made the instrumental its the ones form the movie she just repeated it so thats why it kind of goes in and out :)...i know our voices seem a little louder than the musi

laughing jack, es uno de mis creepypastas favoritos, aparte de jeff the killer, slenderman, eyeless, etc. pero el que mas me llama la atencion es laughing jack, como sale en el video, el era un pallaso colorido, pero al quedar solo y en el olvido se volvio rencorozo. bueno, ya todos sabemos su historia, en el video podemos ver que lo puso desde que salio de la caja asta cuando ya se vuelve malvado y mata a los niños .-. un dia de estos voy a hacer un creepypasta y espero que me apoyen a que sea igual de gr

VGEvery - Come Little Children RUS (cover)
Длительность: 01:38

HD позже, потому что дико всё вылетало.
Хоуп ю лайк ит с:

Vente chapeau Steampunk :

Allez voir ma nouvelle chaîne :

прощай Анимагия.

I don`t know, how I made this effect D: It`s a realy strange.

Motion by: me

Motion DL: none (if you want DL I can made it)

Model: Princess Luna by DrasiSw


Music: Come Little Children (Lizz Cover)

motion by

High Gold, 1st in the Category, 4th Overall, JAM nominee
Candy Apple's Dance Center
Dancers: Vivi-Anne Stein, ...

HD + EARPHONES! -- re-edit: i added text
- -

I fell in love with this show and I fell in love with the song - which perfectly fits w/the show, tbh. I fell in love w/ Bellarke, w/Bellamy Blake and w/John Murphy - I actually ship them and I regret NOTHING--- i just have to find a name for the couple, help me please, ahah.
So... I hope you'll like it, cuz I really do.
xoxo, m.

I do NOT own anything to this video, all I did was edit videos together with the music. But I don't own the song or videos.
This is where I got the song:

This is a tribute to the Character Peter Pan AND the actor, Robbie Kay. Also the actor for older Pan.

Кавер, конечно же, не мой, но очень красивый *,*

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I am so ready for Halloween! Hocus Pocus is such a great movie for Halloween time, and I actually never really liked it as a kid. But now that I'm older, I appreciate it a lot more. And I love this song! I especially adore Erutan's take on this song, her

Make up tutorial is coming soon

german creepy pasta:

english creepy pasta:

Well then.... I leave a warning in the description :
For all those who might have nightmares with the pictures please exit now.
Song goes to Katethegreat18. Pictures go to respectful owners because 2 of them don't have actual owners because I found them off
Rest of the pictures belong to
Edit 12/30/2013:
First picture link:

A Tribute To SeedEater

Link To The Last Picture:
Cheak Out My dA page here:

My last video of this was from about a year ago and thought it would be nice if i did it again.

My 34th amv now. Kind of another practice amv using sony vegas. Lots of fast images to warn you. Its a dark type amv and hope you all like it =)

Song - Darkness and magic
artist - DHT
anime - jigoku shoujo (hell girl) futakomori and mitsuganae (seasons 1 2 and 3)
programs - pinnacle studio 14, sony vegas pro 9

i do not own this anime or songs and this was in no way made for profit, only entertainment use

"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "f

Hocus Pocus (1993) Sarah - Come Little Children

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Fun Fact: The guy who originally animated "Children of the Night" also happened to animate the intro to this video. The more you know, right?

Pick up the MIDI here:
Sheet Music:
Wav File for Easy Listening: https

I hope that you scared the hell out of HUMANS this Halloween XD
I sure did ~ :3 Hehehhee
Check out the Nightcore version only here:
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What do you see when you look into the eyes of a monster and genius?

My third fan-made video of my favorite Let's-Player, Markiplier!


WARNING: So it's out there, the object of this video has nothing to do with pedophilia. It's only aim is to highlight the entity any Mark fan loves and fears known as "DARKIPLIER". Any comments to the a fore mentioned WILL be removed.

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I am really, REALLY happy with how this part turned out. Dark colours help a lot XD

Anyway, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Plot: Melody is a mermaid who is in love with the human Jim, but doesn't have the nerve to take things into her own hands. The goddess Eris convinces her that the only way she can be with Jim is by using her alluring mermaid powers to charm him. Melody does just that, but Eris takes the opportunity to steal Jim's soul.

First Amy-centric video I've done. It's the only thing that wanted to get finished anytime soon, it seems. And this is probably the antithesis of the holidays so... sorry. XD Happy whatever-you-do-or-do-not-celebrate. :D
Music: Come Little Children by katethegreat19
Clips: Doctor Who
Fandom: Doctor Who