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Video detailing all the plank variations from beginner to advanced. Great exercises for the core and abs. Core workout, abs workout, home workout and gym workout.

Plank Variation 1 - 01:00
Plank Variation 2 - 01:19
Plank Variation 3 - 01:28
Plank Variation 4 - 01:36
Plank Variation 5 - 01:46
Plank Variation 6 - 01:56
Plank Variation 7 - 02:06
Plank Variation 8 - 02:19
Plank Variation 9 - 02:34
Plank Variation 10 - 02:46
Plank Variation 11 - 02:54
Plank Vari

Буду стройной

I'm all about building the foundation and doing things right. Details matter and we coach the foundation so that it's solid.

But let's be honest, it's great to progress and take things to the next level and even to have things to look forward to and shoot for.

Before you go and take on some of these more challenging variations make sure you have a solid foundation. Remember, it's not just what you do but how you do it.

Set your standard for form and quality high and you