Crazy Japan Ad - Little Red Riding Hood

зоофилия по японски

Once again our oriental friends deliver us more than we could ever hope for in this crazy piece of advertising. I suspect it might be for a building company, but then again I might be wrong. (I knew I should have gone to japanese literature class...)

Красная Шапочка по-Японски

This is Anabuki Construction Company's campaign girl, Anabukin - chan!
She tries to be good just like any good girl, this Anabukin - chan!
What's this?
It seems that the animals of the forest are coming to join her!
Everyone is in good spirits!
-Sei no! (A song is coming up!)
-Anabukin - chan! (Go for it!)
-Hi! (Okay!)
Expanding dreams, servicemation!
Expanding hopes, servicemation!
Expanding chests
Expanding, expanding!