Crochet Loop Stitch

Virkataan tasona. Joka toisella kerroksella silmukan etureunaan ja joka toisella silmukan takareunaan.

Worked flat. In every second row crochet into the back loop, and every other row into the front loop.

Crochet tutorial that teaches you how to do a warm thick crochet scarf for winter using The Twisted loops stitch.

You can find the Written pattern here

Left Handed version

This video will show you how to make the loop when crochet the loop stitch, including pointing out the common trouble spots when doing the stitch.
The tutorial begins after you have inserted your hook into the next stitch.

Get the more patterns at In this tutorial we demonstrate the bullion block stitch working around three double crochet posts and repeat yarn over and pull a loop 3 times (you can do more or less). The unique of this kind of bullion block is that to complete the stitch you need to pull through 3 loops on the hook as many times as needed until you have 2 loops on the hook, then yarn over and pull through 2. In this case the bullion block doesn`t have the additional side loop. Thanks

Σε αυτο βιντεο θα μαθουμε να πλεκουμε μποτακια με την πλεξη "θηλιες".
Για να δειτε πιο αναλυτικα πως να πλεξετε τη σολα, αλλα και τι πρεπει να κανετε για να αλλαξετε μεγεθος, παρακολουθειστε το παρακατ

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This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the Bars and Loops Stitch. This simple crochet pattern creates a mesh fabric that is great for blankets and market bags.

Skill: Easy

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With this free crochet leaf tutorial you will be able to make a beautiful leaf with surface that is very close to the real leaf. If you are a beginner you should try. Making this crochet leaf we are working only single crochet stitches, single crochet 2 together, chain stitches and slip stitches. All stitches worked in back loops. In this part we made the half of the leaf and continue in part 2 the same tutorial. Enjoy!
This crochet leaf was made Steel Cro

In this video tutorial you will learn How to Crochet Back Loop Double Crochet Ripple/Chevron Stitch.
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Chevron / Ripple stitch gives you that zigzag effect that most often shows up in baby blankets and afghans but it could be an interesting alternative stitch to use for scarves, sweaters or jackets.

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With this free crochet leaf tutorial you practice you single crochet stitches and make a beautiful leaf at the same time. Because all stitches are worked in back loops the leaf has surface that is very close to the real leaf, there are leaf weans made of front loops of stitches. If you are a beginner you should try to make this beauty. Enjoy!
This crochet leaf was made Steel Crochet Hook size 2.25mm (which is #2 US standards) and yarn: 55% Cotton, 45% Pol

This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet The Front Loop Slip Stitch.

For photos and written pattern instructions for this st...

A video showing you how to crochet a loop stitch.
I used white yarn for the first row of single crochet so that you can see the loop clearly.
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This video demonstrate in US Terminology how to crochet the loop stitch. This stitch can be worked in the round or worked flat. The loops also can be cut to create fringe - this will not unravel the stitches!

Find more crochet video tutorials and smart, mod crochet patterns at Patterns that are fun to stitch, wear, and gift away!

Be sure to check out Melissa's latest crochet pattern book on Amazon AUSTENTatious Crochet: 36 Contemporary Designs from the World o

How to crochet the loop stitch, by June Gilbank (

Left-handed version:

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Here is a tutorial on how to add eyelashes to a crocheted eye using the loop stitch.

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Punto peruano elaborado en dos agujas y en crochet. Este es un punto calado muy bonito especial para chalinas, tapados, ponchos, colchas, etc.

Welcome to the first ever HappyBerry Crochet-a-long (CAL) Over the next few weeks I will be showing you how to crochet a Road Play Mat or Blanket which will be made up of various square designs, which we will join together at the end. The squares will include roads, fields, ponds, grass and so much more, full of texture and excitement for young ones.

And today I will be starting with two different squares, a straight road square and a long grass square. I hope you will join me on this fun CAL!

The materi

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This braiding technique is usually just seen in Hairpin Lace, but as I didn't have the equipment for hairpin lace, I wanted to design a way of creating this pattern with just using a normal crochet hook.
Knowledge of the loop stitch is imperative to this pattern, and so this technique can be fiddly, but the results are quite fun! I hope you enjoy (^-^)

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How to make a crochet loop stitch