CrossFit — Let Me Tell You About CrossFit

Видео рассказывает о том, что такое Кроссфит и почему нужно заниматься именно этим видом физической активности.


You haven't heard of CrossFit? Let me tell you about CrossFit.

CrossFit is a lifestyle in which you are prioritizing your health. The ability to do many different things at a high level of intensity.

I think it's the absolute best way to help you reach your fitness goals.

For me, it's making me happy. A fun way to get fit with a lot of people. The last person finishing is the just as important as the first one.

It's this team atmosphere that ends up making y

Кроссфит. Позвольте Мне Рассказать Вам О Crossfit.

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Видео рассказывает о том, что такое Кроссфит.