Crowbar - Existence Is Punishment

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Crowbar - Existence Is Punishment

Самый тяжёлый в мире металл.
Группа весит больше тонны!!!

Реально ЖИРНЫЙ рок!

Расово вірний sludge metal.

This music is slow and fat (c) Butt-head

Here's a guitar lesson on how to play Existence Is Punishment by Crowbar. I'm using a Schecter Blackjack C7, a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde distortion pedal, and a Fender Blues Deluxe.

Гитара - Ibanez GRGA32-bfk
Басс - JOLANA Diamant-bass
Ударные (программные) - Superior Drummer 2

Играю не очень давно, опыт сведения тоже довольно мал. По всем вопросам, пишите в VK

I gave my heart and soul to you my friend
You let me fall
If you could only see what's in my heart
You'd take my hand
I've lived this life as a man would do
Why's it so hard to find the truth?
My faith is strong within myself
I bleed of pride
I won't forgive

You can't take it back
Take it back now
It's to hard to swallow
No words
No conviction

I've found the truth inside myself
But I am still doing time
Opened my eyes to what is real

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