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근엔터테이먼트 세번째 일상깨기 프로젝트는 예술단체 Improve in Toronto의 'Dare to fight'를 오마주하여 지난 2016년 1월 16일 신촌,홍대 일대에서 일반 시민 분들과 함께 진행하였습니다.
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Watch the video «DARE TO FIGHT» uploaded by Funny on Dailymotion.

"Three years ago, I said that nobody from 54 to 68 will go 12 rounds with Gennady...not even Andre Ward would go...Andre Ward's gotta call Tom Loeffler, his people gotta call Tom Leoffler; make an offer...Andre Ward is supposedly the A fighter...he should making an offer...make an offer and then that way, the fight will get made," stated Abel Sanchez, world-class trainer of undefeated middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, who threw down the gauntlet when it comes to a potential mega-fight with undefeated

Jackie Chan dare to fight against bans

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Армия США поможет Украине в борьбе с русскими фашистскими оккупантами и если те посмеют сунуться мы отобьём оккупантов, а США накажет их на их же территории!
The U.S. Army will help Ukraine to fight against the russian nazi invaders and if they dare to turn up, we recapture the occupiers, and the U.S. will punish them on their own territory!