DEA FAST team in Afghanistan

DEA FAST, немного иная структура, нежели Task Force

DEA FAST Team is one of the most elite drug fighting team in DEA operators. The go in and raid the compound in search of smugglers and drug lords. As this reporter from ABC News will show how the work подпишись,там будет больше подобных видео ;З

US Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) FAST team in Afghanistan.

FAST stands Foreigndeployed Advisory Support Teams. Video shows one of their teams during their missions and taking out a foreign compound.

DEA "FAST Team" in Afghanistan

Over a village in southern Afghanistan, an American helicopter circles and lands. Armed men jump out and huddle near a compound wall. A translator speaking through a megaphone announces a police action and says the men are coming in.

It's one of the most politically unstable corners of the world, but the men aren't on a typical mission for troops in Afghanistan. In fact, they aren't even soldiers, and, despite what it looks like, this is not a U.S. military operation. Thi