Шкатулка новогодняя
декупаж, двух шаговый кракелюр, старение.

В последние часы перед Новым Годом делаю подарочную ручку из полимерной заготовки.
Showing how to make a pen from polymer blanks for a gift.
Dmitry Tihonenko:

DIY Starbucks Decor Ideas - how to make miniature Starbucks such as decor elements, doll drinks and also pencil holders, using plastic shot glass, treat bauble and play doh / plastilina.
AG Doll Starbucks
American Girl Doll Starbucks
Starbucks for an 18-inch doll
DIY Pen Drink Holders
DIY Cup Pencild Holders
DIY Mini Starbucks
DIY Starbucks Pencil Holders

I found the mini cups and the candy ball containers in one of the supermarkets. Any other baubles can be used, including the once that they sell in craft

В этом видео я покажу как сделать ручку пиццу и ручку хот-дог своими руками. На вид как съедобная канцелярия. Снова в школу. Украшаем школьные принадлежности


♥ DIY Snapchat Flower Crown ♥
♥ Watch PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Video by Piko-Taro (if you haven't already) ♥
♥ DIY 3D Printing Pen with BUBBLES! ♥
The catchy PPAP Pineapple Apple Pen is everywhere right now, so I think it's definitely time for people to learn how to make a real pineapple apple pen. This is a fairly easy DIY and great if you're still into making DIY back school supplies! As always, I recommend using a

※(New) iPad Transparent Pen "Movie6" ( improvement )

※( improvement ) ●iPad DIY StylusPen "Movie8"

※( latest) ●iPad DIY Pen "Move9" / Removable Smart Clip Filter

iPad + iPhone + iPodtouch, thin stylus pen.DIY Movie.
Recently, I produced the DIY stylus pen that drew easily further. Offset is not needed. It is also easy to make the structure sim

Привет! В видео я покажу как сделать крутые ручки: ручку-аквариум и смайлик-ручку. Необычные школьные принадлежности своими руками!

Сладкие Органайзеры
Плейлист DIY

Музыка Mel

Привет! В видео я покажу, как сделать крутые ручки: ручку-аквариум и смайлик-ручку. Необычные школьные принадлежности своими руками!

Сладкие Органайзеры
Плейлист DIY

Музыка Me

In this video tutorial I will show you how to make a pen with invisible ink for secret messages. This magic DIY pen is must-have school stuff if you like to send written messages or love letters to your friends just in class.
For my secret DIY pen you will need a fountain pen with cartridge (I bought mine just for 1$), 100% lemon juice (or vinegar) and a syringe (not necessary). How to make DIY Invisible Ink Pen - watch in my video tutorial.
How does it work... Write a message on the sheet of paper. You wil

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My Little Pony DIY Apple Bloom iPhone Case draw with 3D PEN! MLP Coloring Video

Music: "Cop A Feel" Creative Commons Attribution (

3D Ручка (3D Pen) -
3D ручка с дисплеем -
3Д ручка -

Can we get this video to 1,000 likes???
HELLO EVERYONE! So today's video is the long anticipated DIY KPOP SCHOOL SUPPLIES VIDEO! Thank you all for your such positive feedback on this video suggestions and I hope I got to help you with ways and ideas on how to kpop-ize your supplies! These "techniques" can be applied to any supply you have so feel free to tweet or instagram me a picture of what you all create! Thanks so much watching.
xoxo, Lisa



Итоги конкурса будут объявлены в видео 10 АВГУСТА!!

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*что б

Рождественские коробочки -
Официальный сайт 3dsimo -
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Youtube канал 3dsimo -
Укажите промокод AFINKA и получите скидку 10% при покупке 3д ручки (промокод действует до 15.11.2016)
Рисуем 3д ручкой. Выжигание по дереву. Маска своими руками.

Серый свитшот в горох купила тут:
Ссылка на это видео:

Шаблончик маски тут:

3D Ручка рисуем ПАСХУ / 3d pen art easter
Много КОНКУРСОВ(дарим 3д ручки, пластик и другие подарки) ЖМИ

Как подготовиться к Пасхе?
Как нарисовать УШКИ ЗАЙЧИКА?
Как сделать подставку для яиц?
Как оформить пасхальный стол и подарки?
Как рисовать 3Д ручкой?
ОТВЕТЫ на ЭТи вопросы вы найдете в моих видео!!

ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ впереди много конкурсов, увлекательных и познавательных видео)

3D pen(3д ручка) впечатляет своими ф

✔ ЗАБИРАЙ 10 тыс. руб. БЕСПЛАТНО тут:
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- Чехол на айфон 6 -
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✔ РЕКЛАМА НА КАНАЛЕ от 10 тыс.
✔ Я в VK добавляю всех:
Огромное спасибо за лайк - больше лайков - чаще видео и круч

How to Make iPhone/Phone/Smartphone Charm - 3D Printing Pen Creations/Scribbler DIY Tutorial

$35 Coupon Code for Scribbler V3 = “ Creative World” :

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Making a RAINBOW Hat with my 3d printing pen! I love my 3d pen creations!
Buy a $69 3d pen today! Use my $30 coupon code = "Rainbow"
Also on Amazon: Need Plastic Filament Refills:

Click here to see the beginning of me making the hat in more detail:
Last year I made the skeleton of the hat with the 3Doodler, and now I decided to fill it in the more plastic by using the Scribbler v1!

3d P

This Video Tutorial teaches you to make a Paper “Hexagonal Pen / Pencil Holder”. This model is quite useful and can be used at your Study tab...

Always wanted a cute cell phone case but don't want to pay the cute cell phone case price?! Make your own using any flash tattoos or paint pens. Easy Quick and totally YOUnique.

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this video. Love you guys - Nim XO


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Learn how to make a paper origami vase, pen or pencil holder and paper gift box (3 models in 1 tutorial).
This is an easy and useful origami models made by printing paper (A4 or Letter) from two or three origami units.

Design, video tutorial by Ventsislav Vasilev (Origamite)

Background Music:
Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John performed by Teofila Vasileva (piano)

How to make mini working pens: back to school supplies collab with NerdEcrafter, who will be making Cat Butts Bookmark
This is a diy arts and crafts tutorial

The link to the video by NerdECrafter:

The pens are working. Don't seal the cartridge, otherwise it will stop writing.

DIY mini back to school supplies: working pens

Music by:
Clear Day and Buddy by

Learn how to make an easy origami pen or pencil holder step by step instructions.
This is very easy tutorial made by 4 units.

Video tutorial by Ventsislav Vasilev (Origamite)

What do you need:
4 sheet of square papers (20cm x 20cm)

Предыдущее видео

Если будете делать канцтовары по моему видео, то фотографируйте получившееся и присылайте ко мне в группу. Ссылка чуть ниже. Надеюсь, что вы оценили мою работу. Это видео я готовила около 3 недель.
Трафарет ананаса

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MUSIC BY : Kevin MacLeod at:
DIY: How To Make a Miniature Steampunk Journal and Pen with polymer clay

This is how to make a sketch pen out of any pen, marker, pencil, with tape. nThis hack is made possible by Monriandmuzu's YouTube video from August 2009. Please Subscribe, rate, and enjoy.

How to make the Ultimate Vape pen holder. Great DIY Project just cut your block of oak square, drill it, sand it, etch it, fill it and then finish with a good quality hard wax oil. What could be easier?
Warning! acting the goat around this project gets you into a bad place m'kay?
Photos here on FB
And here on Imgur
Another in the series of Lichtenberg Figure projects I've been working

Вы можете сделать своими руками оригинальный подарок на 1 сентября, на День Учителя, Выпускной, Экзамены, Последний Звонок!!!

An extra of "iPad DIY Styluspen Movie6".
A production process is seen by non-editing . very slow -_-

↓ Original version ( Speedy Edit & Detailed commentary )

● iPad_φ(-_-Transparent Pen Movie6 (English)
■ 自作極細透明スタイラスペンMovie6(詳細解説付きのオリジナル版)

日本語解説 -_-

DIY Fishing Lure
A suitable pen shell , a piece of. Stainless steel wire ,and piece of foam

Linda ponteira de rosa para caneta no vasinho, ideal para presentes, lembrança de aniversário, dia das mães ...

Beautiful pink tip pen for the little vase, ideal for gifts, birthday keepsake, mother's day ...

Привет ребята, добро пожаловать на мой канал. Меня зовут Ariela. Мне 21 год. Мне нравится снимать видео такой тематики.
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Hi guys, welcome to my channel. My name Ariela. I am 21 years old. If you liked a video subscribe and put a finger to the top. I would be grateful.

Learn how to use glue gun to make something creative

Please click "subscribe" to get updates of new videos! Donna Wolfe from Naztazia shows you how to cover your crochet hooks and ball point pens with polymer clay. Learn how to make grips for your crochet hooks to help ease your hands when crocheting. This is a very simple easy beginner polymer clay project. The thicker handles that are created with this on crochet hooks oftentimes helps crocheters hold the hook with less discomfort (due to arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc). The written proje

Nada de pen drives sem graça! Vem aprender como fazer um Pen Drive de Ovo de Dragão customizando um pen drive nano!!

How to make a polymer clay stylus pen for touchscreen

Como fazer uma caneta stylus em cerâmica plástica (Fimo) para ecrã táctil.

In this DIY video I'll show you how to make a zine by turning ANY rectangular sheet of paper in to an 8 page booklet with some simple folds and one cut. no staples, glue, or other kind of binding need to create this one sheet mini zine.

There is a newer version of this video that's HD:

The quick instructions are as follows:

***PENtastic Saturdays are officially here! Open Darlings for more information*** Watch in HD please ^ _ ^

Thank you so much for watching and joining me for the very first official PENtastic Saturday! Pen tutorials I will be filming will be uploaded on my channel Saturdays so if you liked this tutorial and are looking forward to more please give this video a thumbs up! Please subscribe to my channel for more crafty goodness! I made this pen to celebrate my birthday which was yesterday. Feel free to cust

This is a video tutorial of how to make mini gumshoes pen holder. It is only 9 cm high! All you'll need is two plastic bottles and a piece of old jeans. This is "no sew" tutorial, so also you'll need a school glue and double sided tape.

It is hard to find someone who doesn't like gumshoes. Especially Converse. I suggest to place DIY mini version of these kind of shoes to your desk! They look adorable! And these DIY Converse Gumshoes are not only useful and cute desk accessories, but also a great recycled

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DIY Pen stand clothespins!!!
Today I thought I'd share a quick and simple way to make a pen stand or makeup brushes, that is great for holding just about anything you can imagine as well as for decorations.
Leave comments for suggestions of what I should do next! Oh and.. that subscribe button.. You should press it.. Like))

How to Make 3D Rose - 3D Printing Pen Creations/Scribbler DIY Tutorial

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3D Pen -
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paw patrol Chase portrait DIY How to make with 3d printing pen. Best handmade present ever!

Who gonna be next ?

Music: Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release]


This is My Video Tutorial on paper quilling Art Of Pen Stand.

Dear Viewer,
Thanks for Viewing & Like My Videos.

How to make a paper pencil holder | Easy origami pen holders for beginners making | DIY-Paper Crafts

How to make Paper GIFT BAG

How to make a paper flower box

A cheaper and pretty awesome alternative to buying disposable brush pens, or the Pentel Brush Pen, which can be pricey!

Probably not a hugely original idea, but no-one ever suggested it to me either so there you go!

Brush pens used:
Pentel Aquash:
Kuretake BrusH20:
Diamine 30ml Ink:

I buy

This is pen gun that really can shoot with small paper. U only need :-

1. Two pens (tick tack)
2. paper
3. sellotape
4. mini saw
5. cutter

Note : you need to adjust the barrel length for smooth shoot. If u want it to be more powerful, just add another spring or just pull more the pen inside.

Buy a Scribbler 3d pen using promo code and get $30 discount!!

Discount code: "3dpenschool"

Sorry for not uploading once a week I cant seem to be bothered to film or make a tutorial. Editing is boring :|
Comment video suggestions below so I know what to do.
I was going to upload a slime tutorial but, the slime failed :(
Well, byeeeee

PS sorry for mentioning the S word

(School) D: oh no

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Watch until the very end for a giveaway!! Can we get to 1,000 likes??

Here is the website I was using to find a lot of cute paper:
Buy kawaii tape and memo paper here:

Giveaway rules!
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-Comment as many ideas as you want!
-I will pick the best comment Sep. 1 and se

Ручка Polyes Q1 на Aliexpress
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The Calligraphy Pen is Mightier than the Sword!
Trigger Warning: INK!!!
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Этим видео не стоит пользоваться как инструкцией по рейсфедерам. Я сам делал это в первый раз, поучившись только из нескольких видеороликов от опытных мастеров.
Главное, что хотел показать - это то, как быстро, просто и дёшево можно попробовать научиться чему-то новому с нуля!
Нужно всего лишь: поиск в YouTube, сухой камыш, нож, алюминиевая банка, малярный скотч, наждачка, простая тушь и плотная бумага.
А вот серьёзная инструкция:
Музыка: Building 429 - "We won't be shaken"

Привет! Продолжаем делать необычные ручки своими руками В этот раз мы сделаем: ручку-лизуна, ручку-антистресс и ручку из пуговиц . Необычные школьные принадлежности своими руками! Необычная канцелярия. Снова в школу.


I got the idea to adapt this from thehollycopter's video using sand and candles! This version may be more dorm safe. Let me know your ideas as well!

Her video:
Here's a link to the template:

♡ Check my tumblr for more pictures and cosplay:
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♡ Animal Crossing Videos:
♡ ReMent Videos:
♡ Kawaii Series

Subtitles Eng, Slo, It. I show and explain how to make a beautiful box with crackle varnish . Used materials

Как сделать 3д ручку своими руками?Просто!

Как сделать колапен? Очень просто!

Выкладывайте свои творческие опыты в инстаграм с хештегом #drawwithanthesis, отмечайте @my_anthesis.

Мой инстаграм

Это самая лучшая 3D ручка! Рисуем в воздухе в этом видео! Купить 3D ручку Эта 3Д ручка использует пластик филамент ABS и PLA, которые еще применяются в 3d-принтерах. Ручка имеет 8 скоростей и весит всего лишь 55 граммов! Я нарисовал 3D корону и 3d дом!
Забирай экшен камеру БЕСПЛАТНО
*УСЛОВИЯ НА 3D ручку (разверни)*

3D ручка:
Магазин GearBest:

DIY - 3D РУЧКА - КАСТЕТ - КАК НАСТОЯЩИЙ ! 3D Pen make plastic
от 8,5% до 15% СКИДКА на ВСЕ товары Алиэкспресс тут -
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С помощью 3Д ручки можно нарисовать себе УНИКАЛЬНЫЕ украшения)))
колечки , подвески, серьги и даже колье и бусы)

В этом видео я расскажу как сделать рейсфедер из банки от Coca-Cola

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instagram: @nikolietta_calligraphy

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На моем канале вы увидите много интересных видео с DIY, что если, как сделать своими руками, эксперименты и обзоры на товары из Китая.
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3D Ручка (3D Pen) -
3Д ручка -
Пластик на 3Д ручку -
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ПРИВЕТ ВСЕМ !!!!!! Меня зовут Аня.
На моем канале вы увидите много интересных видео с DIY, что если, как сделать своими руками, эксперименты и обзоры на товары из Китая.
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Самый самый странный DIY в вашей жизни!
Теперь вы точно знаете, что будет если соединить ручку и яблоко и еще ананас :D
И да, чуваки. Это всего-лишь пародия на песню PINEAPPLE PEN. И ничего большего. Видео создано в развлекательных целях. бла бла бла.

Записки Сайкса :
По сути, я планировал просто сделать пародии песню на pen apple, но чёт передумал и сделал обычный видосик. Вот. И да, полезного в описании ничего сегодня не найдете. Ибо слишком крутое настроение ;3
А хотя нет....найдете!
Вот вам ссыллочки

как сделать COLA-PEN?
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Ручка Polyes Q1 на Aliexpress
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ПРИВЕТ ВСЕМ !!!!!! Меня зовут Аня.
На моем канале вы увидите много интересных видео с DIY, что если, как сделать своими руками, эксперименты и обзоры на товары из Китая.
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Самодельный пресс для сборки авторучек ручной работы. Pen Assembly Press DIY

Transform your OLD and BORING School Supplies! ♥ DIY Lava Lamp Inspired Pen! Click here to SUBSCRIBE: ♥

Want to see more LIQUID School Supplies?

DIY Lava Lamp Pencil Sharpener:
DIY Liquid Pencil Case:

S N A P C H A T : Hellomaphie
I N S T A G R A M: Hellomaphie
T W I T T E R: Hellomaphie
F A C E B O O K: Hellomaphie
T U M B L R:
P I N T E R E S T: Hellomaphie
S P O T I F Y: #HelloMusic Hellomaphie's YT

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Sorry if my voice sounds different but I'm SICK :(

In todays video we are going to make some CLUELESS Inspired Pens and Wall Decor, hope you like my ideas and if you don't make sure to give this video a BIG thumbs Up!

Let me know in the comments what video should I upload next!
Thank you so much for watching :)

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Made an iPhone 6s 3d printing pen case using the 3doodler & Scribbler pens! Also I got to try new iPhone 6s features! Check it out!
Buy a Scribbler 3d pen today! Use my $30 coupon code = "Rainbow" (This is the best price)
Also available on Amazon (more expensive): V1 ( V2 ( V3 (

Check back on Saturday for my next video! Also, if you like my videos please share them!

MY WEBSITE: http://officialrainbowgirl.

Here's how to make a Mouton-themed polymer clay pen.
Please read below for detailed instructions, important notes, and list of materials! Making polymer clay pens is a very fragile matter. Be careful when baking!

Want to purchase a pen? Available here:

♥ A bake-able pen. I'm using BIC Ultra Round Stic Grip. These, from experience, do not melt in the oven. TAKE CARE WHEN BAKING. (See #6 in INSTRUCTIONS)
♥ Polymer Clay (Blue, White)
♥ Superglue/E6000

In this video I build one of the most difficult DIY lasers, the "pen" laser. This laser is incredibly small and runs on 2x AAA batteries, but still packs quite a punch and burns many objects!

Text overview of this build:


It's time for a duct tape tutorial. In this video, learn how to make a binder organizer that is perfect for the back-to-school season. There is a zipper pouch, pen holder, ID slot, & more. Check back next Crafty Friday for a new how to video fr

Hi guys! Here it is a little DIY video for make a Baymax and personalize your usb pen drive!
Hope you enjoy!!

Ciao a tutti! Ecco un breve tutorial per personalizzare le vostre pen drive con un piccolo Baymax. Spero vi piaccia!

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自作ペンの作り方(My iPad DIY Stylus Pen Movie 6)
(Japanese / 日本語)
HDD袋型なら半透明、ポテチ袋ならほとんど無料で作れます -_-

・ My iPad DIY Pen & Painting Movies (List) (自作ペンとその他絵ビデオ集)


Оригинальные и полезные видеоуроки по работе с 3д ручкой!
с этими уроками вы легко научитесь рисовать объемные фигуры,а также плоские изображения любой формы и любого цвета.

Три раза в неделю добавляются новые уроки на различные тематики
Это и майнкрафт и контр страйк и аксессуары для кошек LPS и красиввая бижутерия
также различные БРЕЛОКИ и подвески

DIY miniature BIC pen for dolls / dollhouse.
Miniature and dollhouse crafts.
(ups, i misspelled "big" in the video).
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How to build a Cola Pen with a Gösser Kracherl can.
Try different shapes to customize your pen. Have fun!

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Guitar Model ll Diy with 3d Pen
คลิปใหม่มาแล้วว คลิปนี้เป็นการสอนทำกีตาร์โมเดล ด้วยปากกา 3 มิติ (3D Pen) เจ๋งไหมหล่ะ จะตั้งโชว์ก็ได้ จะให้เป็นของขวัญก็ดี เสริมสร้างจินต&

all you need is an old pair of leggings, and a bleach pen :)

Ссылка на ручку шприц с Aliexpress

В этом видео я покажу как можно сделать ручку шприц своими руками. (Back to School школьные принадлежности)

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Мои куклы готовятся к школе. В этом видео я покажу как сделать цветные карандаши, простые карандаши и ручки для кукол. How to make pens and pencils for Dolls.

Другие мастер-классы из серии "Школа":
Как сделать тетради и папку для них (How to make a school notebook, folder for Dolls.):
Как сделать пенал (How to make school pencil-case for Dolls):
Как сделать школьную доску (How to make a school whiteboard for Dolls.):

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I loved ZOOTOPIA! Be sure you have the right kind of pen case before baking it. Most BIC pens are good for the project, but to be sure, do a test so your hard work isn't lost =D Judy and Nick are really cool.
Here's the trailer for the movie:
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Hi guys i'm back. Sorry i've been away for so long i've been redecorating my bedroom for a really long time and my tripod broke two times. The first time i lost the top bit so I couldn't attach my camera to it. Then i went out and bought a new one and the leg snapped. But dont worry i managed to find the bit that is missing on amazon and i can now film videos. but while ive been away we have hit 1,700 subscribers and are so close to 1,800 so thank you so much for the support.

AD. Thank you to f

Как нарисовать крипера из майнкрафт 3d ручкой? Все просто! Спасибо за лайк и подписку!=)
Купить 3D ручку Эта 3Д ручка использует пластик филамент ABS и PLA, которые еще применяются в 3d-принтерах.
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Hey girl hey! Welcome back to my channel everyone! Today I want to show you how to make these super cute liquid pens! I hope you guys like it! Also don't forget to check my friends out down below!

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