BACK THIS WEEK !!!!! WWW.DSLR-DEVICES.COM Welcome to the new DSLR-DEVICES camera Crane/Jib. as you can see THE simple and unique design makes it possibly the most mobile camera crane/jib on the market! -lite weight only 1.5kg (3.4lbs) -Compact design, folds down to 90cm (35 Inches) -From the ground > 2 Meters of height elevation (79 Inches / 6.5 Feet) -Ultra low friction brass bearings and washers -A2 Stainless Steel fastenings -High quality anodized black finish -Supports cameras ( including: microphone / matt box etc) weighing up to 3kg (6.6lbs) -Simple no tools required -Assembles in 6 simple steps, in as little as 15 seconds -Fits onto a standard camera backpack -Hand Built in the UK here is a link to a some recent footage shot with the DSLR-CRANE: http://youtu.be/BMUrou1J63w for any more info or where to buy visit the web site. www.dslr-devices.com