Danse Serpentine - Loie Fuller

Танец-перфоманс, пионерки современного танца (модерн) Лои Фуллер, записанный в 1896 году.

танцующая Лои Фуллер в коротеньком фильме братьев Люмьер
Shot and hand-colored - frame by frame - at the end of the 19th Century. Still captivating today, but just imagine what it must have been like to watch an image move and transform like this in 1899.

Unknown Lumiere film, called the Serpentine Dance. The dancer is Loie Fuller; the pioneer modern dancer. Recorded in 1896, and hand-colored frame by frame.
Music by Sigur Ros - Se Lest

Loie Fuller, 'Danse Serpentine' - by the Lumiére Brothers (1897)

Loie Fuller (1862 - 1928) was one of the most innovative dance artists of the 20...

A dance perfomance of pionner modern dancer Loie Fuller, recorded in 1896.