Das EFX - Mic Checka

Riggidy-Bow, Ziggidy Gadzuks, Here I go, so
Fliggedy-flame on, g-geronimo, yo
I biggedy-burn riggedy-rubber when I blabber great
I miggedy-make the Wonder Twins deactivate
It's crazy, I'm biggedy-breakin' backs and bustin' lips
I friggedy-freaked Gladys Knight and those freakin' Pips
Shrimps, I miggedy-make enough noise like Bamm-Bamm
Throw boulders from Bedrock you'll get dropped, I slam man
So check it
I riggedy-wreck it quick, aw shucks
I giddedy-got the big ducks like Daddy

Album: Dead Serious (1992)

Album: Dead Serious (1992)
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"Mic Checka" is a song by American hip hop group Das EFX recorded for their debut album Dead Serious (1992). The song was released as the second single for the album in July 1992.
Dead Serious is the debut studio album of American hip hop duo Das EFX, released April 7, 1992 on East West Records and distributed through Atlantic Records. Recording sessions for the album too

Riggidy raow Ziggidy Gadzuks Here I go so

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2008 Boston Hip Hop Fest Performance

Year: 1992 // Album: Dead Serious

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Das Efx_Mic Checka_El Nino 29.04.2012

Recorded live @ Knitting Factory 10.10.08

Track 1 from Dead Serious. Produced by Solid Scheme