Datarock - "California"

Directed by Gerald V. Casale and Andreas Trolf.

Taken from the "California" single, out now on Young Aspiring Professionals.

Datarock performs "California" in their underwear.

Recorded and filmed at Noise Coalition Studios in Costa Mesa, CA
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Directed by Gerald V. Casale & Andreas Trolf
Director of Photography Eric Maldin
Shot by Ethan Chancer & Oly Lynch
Edited & Colored by James Dirschberger
Starring Sebastian Marlow & DATAROCK
Produced by Gerald V. Casale, Andreas Trolf, James Dirshberger & Hari Leigh
Written, arranged, performed & produced by DATAROCK
Music & Lyrics by Fredrik Saroea
Copyright - Young Aspiring Professionals
Publishing - Nettwerk One Music / Artwerk

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