Death Grips - Come Up And Get Me

Instrumental from track 1 of No Love Deep Web
Death Grips

my stone wall its on dog gaze duct taped to the ceiling
stucco cave make me illi okay okay feel me
I'm in an eight high abandoned building
no daylight one midnight lamp lit twenty-four seven
murdered out windows two exits
street or nosedive to the next life in seconds
and suicide aint my stallion
so I'm surrounded
geiger count it not goin out shit's bout ta get kamikaze
fuck a nazi
when the world comes knocking
fuck the world fuck this body
know it won't be long be now
feel my nerves wet my brow
mood in my

by Jordan Browne

Музыкальное видео Death Grips – Come up and get me

Музыкальное видео Death Grips – Come up and get me

Death Grips "COME UP AND GET ME" trimmed down to only the song.

I emailed the venue and the band to see if I could bring in my camera. Neither replied. So I brought it anyways. I don't think Death Grips really cares one way or the other.

Death Grips 2013
"Come up and get me"

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Death Grips "Come up and get me" album: NO LOVE DEEP WEB Directed by Death Grips

DFGRPZ performing Come Up and Get Me at The Boiler Room/ Rayban showcase during SXSW 2013... Zach Hill was in fact at the show and the set did see the return of the almighty FLATLANDER!!