Deftones - Sextape

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смотреть на 720
красивое видео

я так себе и представлял.

Прекрасный клип @_@

it's been way too long :| i sing and play guitar and stuffs. thank you.

самый красивый клип который я видел....

Офигенный клип! Красиво снят. Вот здесь можно посмотреть в HD ( )

Album: Diamond Eyes (2010)

please leave a comment if you like :-]

Очень хороший клип на очень хорошую песню. - информация об исполнителе

Этой ночью... Этой ночью...
Этой ночью... Этой ночью...

Возьми меня еще раз...
Накрой меня волной еще...
Еще один рывок...
Я схожу с ума...

Вот недавно такую прелестную песню добавили

Deftones - Sextape I do not own this music!

Deftones - Sextape

Красивый клип

Deftones в Москве.
Б1 Максимум, 09.06.2010

это красиво

Download Deftones' latest album "Koi No Yokan" and past albums at For tour dates, news and merch visit

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Directed by ZFCL

Two girls cast love spells and chase each other through time, space and dimension on a Friday night in their bedroom. Directed by ZFCL

Попытался сделать кавер на любимую песню . Надеюсь у меня это получилось)))

Строй гитары : EADGBE

Подписывайтесь на канал и ставьте лайки))

acoustic night at its a grind.

just a lil bit info: when i play the F chord, i play with the 1st string open to sound better.

intro - CM7 - Asus2
verse - CM7 - Asus2 - F
chorus - CM7- Asus2 , F - Dsus2

мы там были и снимали!!

Thom Yorke replaces Chino Moreno in this new mashup. More mashups by DJ Poulpi here :

Live At Trianon
Paris, France
February 22nd, 2013

Rock in Summer Festival 2011 - Warsaw

Two girls cast love spells and chase each other through time, space and dimension on a Friday night in their bedroom. Directed by ZFCL

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Deftones - "Sextape", ao vivo no Rock In Rio Brazil 2015.

Deftones - Sextape (Live @ GlavClub, Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA - 02.09.2011)

Recorded by Misha Timoshin on Nokia N97.


1. Diamond Eyes
2. Rocket Skates
3. Birthmark
4. Engine No. 9
5. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
6. My Own Summer (Shove It)
7. Around the Fur
8. Digital Bath
9. Knife Prty
10. Minerva
11. Bloody Cape
12. You've Seen The Butcher
13. Sextape
14. Prince
15. Cherry Waves
16. Feiticeira
17. Elite
18. Change (In the House of Flies)
19. Passenger
20. Root
21. 7 Words

Me and Timur shot this at the concert!! :)) 6/3/2011

единственное что более менее слышно из записанного на концерте

Tilburg, 24-11-2010

Saint-Petersburg, Glavclub, 2.09.2011.

Deftones playing the song " Sextape " from the album " Diamond Eyes " at the MySpace Optimus Secret Show, which took place at the Tivoli, Lisbon, Portugal, May 8th 2010.

Setlist + links:

Rocket Skates
Diamond Eyes
My Own Summer
Around the Fur
You've Seen the Butcher
When Girls Telephone Boys
Be Quiet and Drive

Deftones perform at Austin Music Hall on June 4, 2011 in Austin Texas.

The Deftones performing Sextape live at Le Bikini in Toulouse, France on December 11th, 2010

Deftones в Москве
Арена, 03.09.2011

Sextape - одна из самых любимых с Даймонд Айз

снял на телефон
Лучший концерт, на котором я был!

I think that you made it up, I think that your mind is gone
Should be glorified, now your wrong
Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.....

Chino:"Sorry rest of the world, Moscow takes the crown for the best crowd... EVER!"

можно ничего не говорить.

Deftones - Sextape Live HD Melbourne Palace 17/5/13

да да, не удержался и снял сам на мобильник. было реально очень классно и красиво исполнено, память..

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT (SEXUAL THEMES/ NUDITY) I do not own this song! Copyright goes to Deftones! I also do NOT own any of these pictures! they belong to the artist of DeviantArt, and also shiniez on DeviantArt for making this comic! Visit his page!

by Olga Volkova


Artist: โขกดิน
Title: Sextape (Cover Deftones)

โขกดิน เริ่มทำเพลงอิเลกทรอนิค เพราะความชอบส่วนตัว จนได้เข้ามาอยู่ใน No Signal Input 4 ก็เริ่มทำเพลงอย่างจริงจัง และได้ร่วมทำเพลงกับค่าย Spicy Disc มาจนถึงปัจจุบัน

Deftones released a new album Diamond promote the new album Deftones decided to do a live concert streamed at from at Trees Dallas Texas.Deftones were pioneer on this type of album promotion when they decided to do a weblive show for White Pony ten years ago.


Deftones live at FZW (Freizeitzentrum West) in Dortmund, Germany on May 7th, 2010

Москва, Arena Moscow, 03.09.2011

всем sextape, пацаны
качество звука и картинки оставляет желать лучшего, но тем не менее

я особенно мило в конце говорю "ойойой" )))

Koi No Yokan Tour - Live at The Fill­more Mi­a­mi Beach at the Jack­ie Glea­son The­atre - Miami Beach, Flori­da - 3.19.2013

My cover of sextape! i hope you like! I do not own this song.

Hello everyone! Here is a video of me covering the beautiful song "Sextape" by the amazing band and one of my favourites of all time, Deftones. The talented guitarist in this video is Joshua Wray. We did this cover when I was in Manchester, UK, a few weeks ago. I was a bit nervous, as this was my very first time singing with anyone else. I hope that you enjoy!

* Joshua's links:
Facebook -
YouTube -

[HD] Deftones "Sextape" @ Live In Moscow. B1 Maximum Club. 9.06.2010