Deleted Scenes from The Lord of the Rings

These are NOT extended scenes. These are deleted scenes. That means you don't see these scenes in any of the movies or the extended editions. The clips where taken from trailers and behind the scenes footage of The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. Below is information about each of the deleted scenes.

Title -- A few clips from trailers of The Lord of the Rings.

7 -- This is additional footage from the Battle of the Last Alliance in The Fellowship of the Ring prologue.

6 -- An obscure shot of two Elven girls playing about in Rivendell in The Fellowship of the Ring.

5 -- More Arwen footage in The Two Towers, including a flashback scene of her first meeting with a beardless Aragorn.

4 -- An unknown scene in The Two Towers of Éomer lowering a spear while riding his horse in a forest.

3 -- Éowyn defending the refugees in the Glittering Caves from Uruk-hai intruders in The Two Towers.

2 -- Sauron fighting Aragorn at the Black Gate in The Return of the

Удалённые фрагменты из фильме Властелин колец.