Demoreel 2012

Music: Jeff Beck. What Mama Said.

DEMOREEL dslr video by RecArt studio

My name is Raphael Gaudin, I recently graduated from ArtFx school. I present you my demoreel, gathering works that I made during the past year, especially on the short film "Voile Noir" that I co-directed with 3 others students. I tend to specialize in shading, lighting and compositing. Here are the links to the film and its Making-Of : Voile Noir : Voile Noir MOF : raphael897 [at] rgaudin [at] I hope you will enjoy it.

animation (without character), simulation (thinking particles, rayfire, pflow, pflow box2, fumefx), shading, render (mentalray, final render, scanline, krakatoa), post (AE)...

Большое спасибо всем молодоженам за прекрасные эмоции, искренние чувства и огромные старания.

видеограф:Максим Мавлияров (
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прошу сильно не ругать, практически всё это оперативная графика, сделанная под эфир в ооочень сжатые сроки)
//demo cut by kl4
//sound: Linkin Park - Session

Песни, аранжировки, минуса, клипы, съемки, фотосессии, веб...

This is a selection of shots i worked on from 2008-2012. Projects: The Fourth State Game Of Thrones Season 2 Red Tails Hugo Suckerpunch Hindenburg Emden Men 2012 Fast Five Percy Jackson Nightmare On Elmstreet Ninja Assassin Vulkan Used Software: 3dsmax, ThinkingParticles, FumeFX, Krakatoa, Vray, Naiad, Realflow, Maya

Demo reel 2012
We use our inhouse developed tools such as MultiScatter, MadCar, CityTraffic, iTrees and iFlowers
millions of 3d objects million polygon each

our visualisation services at
our software developments at

(c) iCube Visualization
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Demoreel - 2012 FomaKinyaevPost
Деморил, Шоурил

Demoreel of Quentin Ghion, student of ESIAJ (haute école d'infographie Albert jacquard)

Updated version 11.21.2012

1. Student work. The Animation Collaborative ( July 2012) Project: FATHER AND BRIDE Software: Maya all characters and props animated by me Rig Norman provided by AAU. 2. Student work. The Animation Collaborative ( Nov 2012) Project: FOX HUNTER Software: Maya all characters and props animated by me Rig Norman provided by AAU, Fox rig by Daniel Moos 3. Student work. The Animation Collaborative (Oct 2012) Project: SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Software: Maya all characters and props animated by me Rig i

Music: Reijo Taipale - Satumaa

Andreas Feix - Demoreel 2009-2012 - Public version

animation — оживление, одушевление

Here is my demoreel, June 2012. You will mainly see my work about the "Voile Noir" student project I co-directed during my last year at ArtFx school of visual effects and 3D animation. On "Voile Noir", I was the project lead and involved myself on several steps of the creation like the modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting and compositing. Here is the link for the short film "Voile Noir" : Music By : The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop My personal website : w

| Author -- Vladimir Medovnikov |

Modeling -- Autodesk Maya
Sculpting -- Autodesk MudBox
Texturing -- Adobe Photoshop
Animation -- Autodesk MotionBuilder, Maya
Face Animation -- FaceFX Lab
Environment -- Autodesk Maya, SpeedTree RT
Rendering and Particles System -- Unreal Development Kit

Here is the shot breakdown. If you want to see each shot's breakdown or details, please try to jump to below related links. High Viscosity Liquid Simulation with RealFlow ( Massive Water in RealFlow ( Switching Particle to Rigid Body Simulation ( Deforming Object Surface with Impact Data ( Large Scale Smoke and Fire ( Sticking Objects to a B

Новые видео каждую неделю!Подпишитесь:
Я ВКонтакте:

Details about each project can be found at

Святослав Деньгин

My new FX reel including : - Feature Film : - Underworld Awakening Realflow Simulation ( Blood Splash ), Maya ( Bullet Hit, Dust, Blood). - TV Show : - Dinosaur Revolution Maya (Dust, Storm, Footprint, Debris), Realflow Simulation ( Blood, Water ). - Podcats Realflow (Liquid) ,Softimage ICE (Liquid) - Commercial : - Ubisoft Your Shape Maya, Realflow ( Stylized Particles) - Megablocks Maya ( Stylized Particles) - MCS TV ident Rebrand

My new reel. share.

Here are the highlights of the past year. - Sports media production company.
Music : Jonathan Sigsworth - You Know I Know extended version.
Les plus beaux moments de l'année 2012. - Société de production spécialisée dans le sport.

Here are the highlights of the past year. - Sports media production company.

Music : Jonathan Sigsworth - You Know I Know extended version.

Les plus beaux moments de l'année 2012. - Société de production spécialisée dans le sport.

Reel made some time ago, but only now I have some courage to post... ^^ Hope you enjoy! =] Credits Song: During the test... Artist: Shoji Meguro Album: Persona 3 OST

Pavel Gorbachev
CG Demoreel

renderbaron is a studio for animation design in düsseldorf/ germany, founded in 2001. the recent demoreel 2012 shows the highlights of renderbarons work covering 3d-visualisation, visual effects and tv-commercials.

Детали на сайте: или вконтакте:<br>Подписывайтесь на страницу в твиттере:!/game_live

Demoreel - 2012 FomaKinyaevPost
Деморил, Шоурил

Спасибо за просмотр. Все проекты можно посмотреть по адресу:

Demoreel Season 2011-2012
Director : Alimov Pavel
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3D Animation demo reel for year 2012

Models are made by great cg artists:
Daniel "dandoombuggy" McCarthy and Angel "angelob" Bedolla
Their portfolios:
Angel's -
Dan's -

Music is written by my friend Vadim "Deep Infinity" Zaika whose tracks can be found here -

All four models are units from the game Unvanquished (

My contacts:
email - vlad@

A quick presentation of the work I have done this year for our graduation short movie called "Cut Off" at ESMA Toulouse. Please don't mind the writing mistake... "ears" and not "hears" ! I will change it A.S.A.P... Sorry !

These are some of my works, thank you for watching. Video breakdown Clip 1 Project: Wrath Of Titan Comment: I created the dusts explosion on the cliff which is hitting by the giant hand also the steam which is bursting out the big hole. The animation of the cliff destruction was animated by animators, I manage to create velocity fields to represent interaction between rocks movements and dusts instead of a actual simulation of collision. Clip 2 Project: Wrath Of Titan Comment: I created dus

This is all my favorite clips filmed from summer 2012 till end of 2012 with some clips filmed with a drone by Olivier Alzine Hope you enjoy take a look on my website: contact:

Спасибо Илюхе)

Some animations I made this year... You can find the full versions of these videos here on my vimeo page !

KARSTEN WAGENKNECHT - LIGHTING | LOOK DEV TD - DEMOREEL 2012 0:08 Lighting | Cyborg Body and Plant Look Dev | Pipeline ( Project "Natalis") 0:45 Lighting | Look Dev | Pipeline | Compositing ( Project "The Visit") 1:04 Cyborg Body Look Dev Turntable ( Project "Natalis") 1:29 Plant Look Dev Turntable ( Project "Natalis") 1:48 Look Dev Turntable ( "The Visit") 2:00 Stills Lighting | Look Dev | Pipeline | ( Project "The Visit") CV: Watch my tools videos on vimeo!

Compositing Demoreel 2012, Reel Break down 1. Audi Commercial Exterior 2. Audi Commercial Interior 3. CG Awards Contest-Winner 4. Aquarius - Short Film 5. The Bug - Short Film 6. RA-one Bollywood Film 7. RA-one Bollywood Film 8. RA-one Bollywood Film 9. Clean up - Personal Project. Composoitor Kamaljeet Singh All the Shots in the reel are Property of Double X Studios.


My work Created using Final Cut Pro, PFTrack, Maya, FumeFX, Maxwell Render, Arion, Nuke, After Effects and Mistika.

Production demoreel. Most of the works were created while working at Main Road|Post studio( The professional works are a collaboration between many talented artists. Dependent on a shot I claim to be a creature/ character/environment/texturing/shading or facial artist. Please watch HD, fullscreen with the sound turned on. Thank you. Breakdown coming soon. please have a look at my personal works at Thanx

Breakdown Syndicate Developer: Starbreeze. Publisher: EA. Platform: XBOX360, PS3, PC. I was head of the Video Department at Starbreeze. I was in charge of delivering and coordinating artists working on all video material for the game. GoldenEye 007 / Reloaded Developer: Eurocom. Publisher: Activision. Platforms: Wii, XBOX360, PS3. I was lead Motion Graphics artist for the Intro Credits and the level briefings featuring an smart phone interface. I was in charge of delivering and coordinating arti

А вот новий учасник команди парень занимаеться 5 месяцев и он делает успехи очень крутой и перспективний пацик качество фигня простите скоро все зделаем по качеству а пока смотрим нажимаем мне нравиться и разказать друзям...

Ilya Suvorkin compositing demoreel 2012 breakdown. All shotsdone for Channel One Russia (animation movie "Mult Lichnosti")

my charackters animations. Thanks to Vadim Besedin and CGTarian online school for education AnimShool for Malcolm rig Joel for Alice, Rabbit, Dobby rigs

Решили с Ваней создать видео,в котором будут мои работы и его работы))

A compilation of our best work from 2012 and past years. A big thank you to Vladimir Loginov for sharing with us the bee shots.

Pompeii @ ScanlineVFX: All clothsim(Rope/Sail) on ship and ship destruction. Captain America Winter Soldier @ ScanlineVFX: Parachute cloth sim for DigiDoubles. 300 Rise of An Empire @ ScanlineVFX: All clothsim(Rope/Sail) on ship and ship destruction. Persian Samurai and GreekWarrior cloth sim on digiDoubles. Sea creature fins/Greek warrior arm flesh(cloth sim). Blood development with Goran Pavles and underwater blood. Song: Hans Zimmer - An Ideal of Hope.

Некоторые работы в рекламе до 2012 г.

You can see my latest work in this Demoreel. I'm CG artist, specialized in Modeling, Sculpting and Texturing

Softimage, After Effects, Nuke, PF Track, RealFlow.
Некоторые работы были выполнены для компании "Sound Trade"

The song is Fort Knox - Goldfish. I'm NOT the author of this song

Here are the highlights of the past year. - Sports media production company. Music : Jonathan Sigsworth - You Know I Know extended version. ------------------ Les plus beaux moments de l'année 2012. - Société de production spécialisée dans le sport.

Hey! Finally I finished my first rigging reel - there insn't much to show (just one character) but I'm pretty excited about it! I've been studing rig in my spare time since december, so it's great to see some results! Thanks for watching! =)

Our best of the best.

Нарезка из лучших последних работ, в создании которых я принимал непосредственное участие.

My Production Demoreel "2012"
Cinema 4d + After Effects + Vegas Pro

7 Вадим Тагиров

Florian Velasco Demoreel 2012 (music by Woodkid - Iron) : Feature Films: ------------------- - THOR - Kenneth Branagh (2010) - Arthur 3 - Luc Besson (2010) - Adèle Blanc- Sec - Luc Besson (2010) Commercials: ------------------ - Driver San Fransisco - UBISOFT (2010) - Self-Defense Training Camp - UBISOFT (2010) Short film: ------------- - Welcome To Hoxford - Julien Mokrani (2011) - Sushi Express (2009)

лучше всего смотреть в сине-красных очках - там небольшие сюрпризы для мозга

Demoreel RD 2013 (work until 2012.12). FX Computer Graphic Artist in Paris.

DemoReel 2012 Python Maya Four scripts introduced : --- SetLights Manager Development Tool to manage lights on scene with many features --- Cellular Automata Graphic Generation based on the Game of Life Rules --- Landscape Generator Graphic Generation --- Jerusalem Temple Graphic Generation


С чем только не приходилось сталкиватся за этот год. И это только начало...

2012. Очень насыщенный сложными проектами год. В этом году мы немного подросли, чаще стали снимать игровую рекламу, нарисовали серию рекламных мультиков. И, конечно же, сделали некоторые выводы о том, что нам ещё расти и расти в профессиональном плане.

Эл Эрсбурн, Демонстрационный ролик "ТЕАТР"

Всё, что представлено в данном риле (моделлинг, анимация, шейдинг, трекинг, композитинг...) сделано моими руками, за исключением модели автомобиля во фрагменте с белкой, модели морского конька (она взята из MODO), съёмок и пары-тройки футажей для бэкграундов.

Best of Simpals production

Нарезка из моих мультов 2009-2012 г.г.