Dilated Peoples - Worst comes to worst

Dilated Peoples Feat Guru - Worst Comes To Worst

Dope single off the 2001 Expansion Team LP feat The Guru. Alchemist did the track and also makes a brief cameo.

Dilated Peoples Guru - Worst Comes To Worst
Album: Expansion Team (By, Dilated Peoples)
Released: October 23, 2001
Label: © Capitol
Producer(s): The Alchemist

у каждого своя жизнь, и у каждого она хороша по-своему

dilated peoples worst come to worst

Dilated Peoples is an American hip hop group from Los Angeles, California. They achieved notability in the underground hip hop community,although they have had little mainstream success in the US, with the exception of the song "This Way", a 2004 collaboration with Kanye West, Xzibit, and John Legend appearing in the music video. They reached the Top 40 of tTheir members include DJ Babu (producer/DJ), Evidence (emcee-producer) and Rakaa Iriscience (emcee)The group also received a publicity spike after their

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А вдруг есть любители?

охуенный трек, охуенное видео!

Dilated Peoples Worst Comes To Worst (HD Quality!)

Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst

Это те парни, которые однажды свели меня с ума..))

R.I.P. Guru.
Strong classic shit.



2 representants du Real Hip Hop , ca donne une pure tuerie

(Babu mixing)
"worst come to worst my peoples come first"
"worst...come.....to worst"
"worst come to worst my peoples come first"
"worst come...to...worst"
"worst come to worst my peoples come first"

It's goin down y'all
That's babu

Yo, some people got good friends, at night I live my life right
Intense, on the edge
On the wild, I'm from the group where friction leads to fire
Stack your bricks, the time is take your pick
Do or