Down Bar

“Today had some fun! Start with Empty bar adding 20lbs each squat until bar is full and then going back down taking 20lbs off each squat!…”

“Whilst I'm waiting for my dad to cut my new RWilly bars down here's a flippy clip from today @rampworx - backie tuck kickless #flipsarefun #scoot #mgp…”

“530lbs going up for a double.. Just a little bit of what went down last night. YouTube Video dropping on my channel next week of the bar bending that went…”

Второй,специальный микс для клуба Up&Down
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night in Up&Down club & KMPP-mixed by dj Anton Square
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Официальная группа Dj Anton Square

“- DOUBLE TAP IF YOU LIKE NEW WORKOUTS! Underhand cable pull down *from floor* 💪🏼 - Grasp a short cable bar with underhand grip. Kneel on both knees…”

Stee Downes / Bar London / 18-05-2013 / Geometria.TV

“Between the legs, bar down😋😆... It's confusing if you don't know what that means”

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Music Video Produced and Directed by Jason Groothuis.

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Solid, compact and effective, the Force USA Home Power Rack with Band Pegs and Multi Grip Chin Up Bar is strong enough for gym use, while designed to fit into any home. Featuring SteelForce Structural Integrity the Force USA Home Power Rack is built to take a pounding. And, with an "Class A" rating, the Force USA Home Power Rack comes with a Lifetime Structural Warranty along w

Produced and Directed by Jason Groothuis

Официальная группа Мики Ньютон(Mika Newton):


Софья Яковлева - вокал, гитара
Наталья Скворцова - клавишные
Екатерина Рамжаева - саксофон
Екатерина Аристова - бас
Андрей Адамович - гитара
Александр Чеботарёв - барабаны

Софья Яковлева - вокал, гитара
Наталья Скворцова - клавишные
Екатерина Рамжаева - саксофон
Екатерина Аристова - бас
Андрей Адамович - гитара
Александр Чеботарёв - барабаны

Alan Merrill band, Slow Down, R Bar, July 26, 2012
Video clip by kind courtesy of Tony Maiullo.
Alan Merrill- Guitar
Amy Madden- Bass
Mark Brotter- Drums

All right
me and the boys are goin out tonite
and me and the boys are goin down tonite
we dont need no fancy place
and we dont wanna see nobodys face
were goin down the bar
me and the boys are goin out tonite
and me and the boys are goin down tonite
we dont need no fancy place
[ Find more Lyrics on ]
and we dont wanna see nobodys face
were goin down the bar
were goin down the bar
me and the boys are goin out tonite
and me and the boys are goin

Варя, Алиса, Паша, Виталя, Рома, Антон и я на месте))) судя по нашему виду, это явно не начало))))) люблю вас, ребята:**

Armenian humor, comedy and jokes. Kargin Kaset, system of down

Metal Band Motograter destroys Backstage Bar and Billiards in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada on 4/23/15.

респект Тёме и чуваку из Максимовки 😏

the bartender slides me a beer it runs down the bar like an Olympic sprinter, by Austin Will and Fantavious Fritz

Epic Finnish melodeath band Insomnium's first ever Australian tourn in 18 years!!! Playing live in Sydney's Manning Bar on Saturday 16 May 2015. Filmed from near front row! Awesome show!!
Down With The Sun - from album Across The Dark.

1.The Primeval Dark
2.While We Sleep
4.Where The Last Wave Broke
5.Daughter of the Moon
6.Black Heart Rebellion
7.Down With the Sun
8.The Killjoy
10.Every Hour Wounds
11.Only One Who Waits
12.The Promethean Song


Fingerstyle. Очень понравились обе песни, и подобрал их буквально в один день - услышал в каком то фильме. В общем вот, что получилось )))

Paul Lloyd Davies coaching a Jumping Rolling Knee-bar from an attempted (blocked by defenders under hook) single leg takedown. Whilst not a foundation or core technique it works if correctly applied at the right time and place. This technique teaches the correct use of legs knees hips and shoulder in ensuring higher percentages for knee-bars whenever and wherever initiated. Here Coach uses a former student Paul Price who went onto win his first No-Gi tournament after a few months training with Coach Lloyd

Feast your ears on the first ever released song from The Bar Stool Preachers! Soon to be coming to a venue near you... If you like what you hear, check us out on facebook -

or the website -

We hope you love it, we do.

Our love and thanks go to: Cormac Thomson @ Puzzle Dynamics for being a general hero and making us this video; Rhys Andrews for the recording and Pat Collier for the mix. Finally to Dave Bremer @ Scallywags

Ruslan Vasiliev / Prohor Burlak / Konstantin Polyakov / Phil Mesheryakov / Egor Kryukovskih / Anton Sushev /
jazz only, open jam-sessions daily. Cash.
All jams -
#107-136 -
(c)The Hat Bar 2013

Этот ролик сделал я, Арсений (BaR$). Я очень люблю System Of A Down. Я сам думаю, что этот клип довольно монотонный, но рисовал и монтировал я его долго. Вот опубликовал на RuTube.

Этот ролик сделал я, Арсений (BaR$). Я очень люблю System Of A Down. Я сам думаю, что этот клип довольно монотонный, но рисовал и монтировал я его долго. Вот опубликовал на RuTube.

РЕКОМЕНДУЮ – мода. – видеоупражнения. – видеоуроки причесок. – видеоуроки макияжа. – дети и пушистики. – книги и фильмы. – мода. – английский.

НАШИ СООБЩЕСТВА ПО ИНТЕРЕСАМ ( NEW!!) мужской стиль книги, фильмы , музыка и языки для худеющих cтильные подборки женский журнал подборки пушистики ДЕТИ

Лайв микс, записанный 24.09.11 в Баре 69. Наслаждайтесь! :)

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from The Melody Bar New Brunswick, NJ 4/15/98


*coloring is off in some bits; sometimes too bright or too dark.

song: belle of the bouleveard - dashboard confessional
fandom: pll
ship: spencer & caleb
plot: spencer has become depressed recently - taking up drinking and well, sleeping with various guys. a has been bringing her down. one night, as she attends a bar, a band on stage catches her attention. the lead singer looks familiar. he's the new guy at school, caleb. she ends up flirting with him and w

MOROZOF (MZF) Band - Never Let Me Down Again (Rock-Bar Garage 12-05-2012)

M.Reck Of ( Throws On His Promoter Hat And Book Sean Price For The Step Ur Bars Up Event. Shouts 2 Bobby Stone & The New Old School. To Perform At Next Step Ur Bars Up 11-5-13 Contact

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In this video ,Demonstration is focused on following activities:
* Creation of Menus/Menu Items in MenuBar using Menu Editor.
*Rearrange the Menu Items,Deletion of menu item if required.
*Also,How We can Create Sub Menus in a particular Menu Item.
* Create Sub -Sub Menus in a Sub menu(Nested Menu)i.e Menus with menu.
Simple and explanatory steps to create menu bar quickly and easily.

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Official YouTube of the NLL. Visit to learn more about the National Lacrosse League.

The Dreadnoughts from Vancouver live au Bunker Chicoutimi. 27.03.2010

Another turn over results in toronto goal
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Many have said it isn't possible .. but I beg to differ! I've heard it time and time again ... "You can't add drop downs to Blogger!". Well ... I don't like the word can't. Absolutely ... you CAN add drop downs to your menu bar in Blogger. In this tutorial I'm going to show you exactly, step-by-step, how to add a menu bar to Blogger with Drop Downs!

Now ... just so you're prepared ... we are going to need to get a little creative with some code. But if you stick with me, I will do my very best to keep it s

Агрессивный скетч, записанный и выпущенный ограниченным тиражом в 2000 копий специально для...

The Material performs "Let You Down" live from The Soda Bar in San Diego, California in 2013. Please share on Facebook if you like, or subscribe. A ThomasEpicJourney2 production.<br/><br/> - лучшие сноуборд и скейт видео.

riders in order of appearance: Jake OE, Krister Ralles, Nate Harrington, Brandon Larson, Cody Beiersdorf, Danimals, Jonas Michilot

They don't have violins, but these guys sure ain't fiddlin' around. Ronnie Wilson and Joey Hamende battle it out playing "Devil went down to Georgia" - a song by the Charlie Daniels Band. Recorded live October 23rd, 2010 at Louie Louie's Piano Bar in Arlington. Accompanied by Craig Hendry as narrator and bass with Mr. Keith Kelly on drums.
* * * Fire on the boys, run! * * *

Ночь, Улица, Разгон, Стрит спот. Это TERRORSNOW!!!
Мощнейшие сноуборды для парка и уличного катания от стрит убийц России.

If you want your summer to be more than just wishing for winter and dreaming about snowboarding in the best summer park, do what the National Slopestyle Teams from The United States, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Belarussia do - come to The Camp of Champions to ride and train in the bes Premier Guitar's Charles Saufley is on location in Nashville, Tennessee, where he visits the Towner booth and learns more about their Down Tension Bar and V.BLOCK.

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Interpol - Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down (live in Saint Louis - The Rocket Bar 2002) HD

Basic belly down arm bar escape from 2 of our students at Submissions 101. This escape depends on timing and how deep the other person has your arm.

This week on Dining on a Dime, host Lucas Peterson hunts the ever-elusive Tamale Guy, purveyor of fine meat and cheese tamales for incredibly low prices at different bars throughout Chicago on any given night. The Tamale Guy always shows up right when you need him — when you’re drunk, hungry, or both — but what happens when actively searched for, sometimes he’s no where to be found. Will Lucas locate the tamales he craves?

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Lloyd Llewellyn performing 'Long Way Down' for Ont' Sofa Live at Tipsy Bar in London. For new music every day, subscribe to Ont' Sofa:

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Blues Shuffle Strumming Pattern Lesson
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The ONE CHORD Blues Lesson
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Red, performing Let Go (featuring the intro to Break Me Down) in Pittsburgh at the Altar Bar on 02/19/15 at the beginning of their Of Beauty and Rage Tour.
The sound mix in the club was very bad - not the audio of the video.
I do not own the rights to this song.

❤----Open Me----❤
Please put in HDHDHDHD

Most of you don't know that i LOVE to dance and i LOVE this song right now and i have looked for some dances but i could not find any so this is my little dance to Come And Get It the dress went perfectly with the song and dance i made it up myself with some moves from Selena Gomez i hope you all enjoy this i did try my best i might delete it later but who knows yes I AM WEARING SHORTS and man

#makskartashov #турник #брусья #осваиваю #новыйэлемент Вот на брусьях попытался освоить стойку вверх ногами, но пока ещё слишком слабоваты мышцы пресса и спины... Here on the bars I tried to master an upside down handstand, but my muscles of crunch and back are still too weak

За видео огромное спасибо Алене Голубевой

2013 Detroit Red Wings Highlights

Pavel Datsyuk splits the defense of the LA Kings and puts one past Jonathan Quick.

Солнышко ногами на турнике! Вступаем<br/><br/>

In order of appearance: Justin Fram, Hunter Sitar, Matt Wanbon, Josh Livingston, Jeremy Johnston, Bryce Bugera, Mike Solty Gary Hunter Film/Edit: Kinsley Pearen

Сломался гриф в приседании !!! He broke down the bar in the squat !!!

Houston IWF 2015 World Weightlifting Championships
2015 IWF Grand Prix 5th Russian Federation President's Cup, Grozny, RUS Кубок Президента РФ 2015 world weightlifting championships 2015 world weightlifting 2015 Houston 2015 IWF
2015 world weightlifting championships Чемпионат Мира по Тяжёлой Атлетике в Хьюстоне Houston Тяжёлая Атлетика 2015 Weightlifting 2015 Snatch Clear&Jerk Важка атлетика Рывок Толчок Чемпионат мира по тяжёлой атлети

Alexander Semin Dopetage Highlights

New EP 'Teen Spirit' available to preorder now!

Want us to come and play your city?


Monique Ortiz
Jerome Deupree (Morphine)
Russ Gershon (Morphine, Medeski)

состав после полуночи

Мы ВКонтакте —

wretched ones cover. taken from there demo cd.

From 11th November 1984. This song is from Loudon's 1979 album 'A Live One'. Check it out.

Bar Muscle ups in slow motion by Thomas McCrummen at CrossFit Double Down. Unbroken set at beginning is at regular speed.

Go to for more videos! Never Fear Wrestlers Again! This Revolutionary Kimura Submission System Will Stop Every Shot And Have You Winning Every Scramble Using A Basic Submission Hold You Learned In Your First BJJ Class - the Kimura Lock!

Нижнекамская Death Core группа.

Role Reversals between men and women at the bars. Hilarious.

2016 // Lady Gaga > Angel Down - Dive Bar Tour New York (

17 10 2010 Down Under bar - mykonos DJ NICK G's last night for the seasson!!!!

..САМЫЙ ЛЮБИМЫЙ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Common Linnets waren gisteravond te gast in The Bar. Samen met Douwe Bob zongen ze 'Slow Down'.

Volg Douwe Bob en de Nederlandse Delegatie op social media:

Of kijk op /

Бой Стивена Сигала из фильма "Огонь из преисподни"

Попасть в сборник