Dream Theater - Another Day

Dream Theater - Another Day (album "Images And Words", 1992)

песня посвящена отцу Джона Петруччи, когда он (отец) болел раком, а Take Away My Pain - уже о его смерти в 1996 году.


From "Images and words" (1992)

То с чего начинается музыка

Images and Words [1992]

Очень красивый клип.

Dream Theater - Another Day (album "Images And Words", 1992)

Drum cover by Antonio Velkov, 2013.

Please excuse my mistakes. Drums have not been edited in any way, recorded in one take.

All rights to the song belong to Dream Theater.

The song remains the copyright of the original holder and is used here for the purposes of education, comparison, and criticism only. No infringement of copyright is intended.

Backing track by jammit.

Enjoy and thanks for watching!!!

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Drum cover of Dream Theater's Another Day, released on Images And Words. Please check out my other Dream Theater covers.

Dream Theater - Another Day

Видео клип Dream Theater на песню Another Day онлайн, смотреть видео без регистрации и в хорошем качестве.

Очень круто!

Это вам не это...

Их последний состав, но очень молодые, песня оч спокойная, можна даже дать послушать девушке.

Another day (Dream Theater cover)
Fer Beltrán - Piano, sax, keyboards.
Jesús Espinoza - Bass.
Rox Orduño - Vocals.
Fer Ortega - Guitars.

Audio and video edition by Rocksferry

Fer Ortega's music channel: http://youtube.com/guitarrasfer
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Dream Theater - Another Day

Другой мир, где ничто - это правда…

Путешествуя по жизненной фантастике,
Споткнешься – никогда не встанешь.

наверное год 92 или 93... молодые еще совсем...))

Аккустический вариант

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Live another day
Climb a little higher
Find another reason to stay
Ashes in your hands
Mercy in your eyes
If you're searching for a silent sky...


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Dream Theater - Another Day guitar cover

Musicman JPXI
Taylor 814ce
Mesa Boogie Mark V 25
Shure SM57
Lewitt LCT 640
Apogee Quartet
Logic Pro X

© 2008 WMG
Another Day (Video)

Trying to play one of the best solos by John Petrucci

Парень первоклассно сыграл соло известной рок группы

stuff: ibanez RG 550 (customized), line 6 pod GX

EBMM JP6 @ EVH 5150 III @ Palmer PGA04

Home made backing track, PM me if you want it.

Bass played by Michel Teyssier.

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Making bends and vibrato sound like shit since 2009.

Dream Theater - Live Awake In Japan - 1995

Letra (Tradução)

Outro Dia

Viva outro dia
Suba um pouco mais
Ache outra razão para ficar
Cinzas na suas mãos
Misericórdia em seus olhos
Se você está procurando por um céu silencioso...

Você não encontrará aqui
Olhe de outra maneira
Você não encontrará aqui
Então morra outro dia

A frieza dessas palavras
A mensagem em seu silêncio
Coloque a vela contra o vento...
Essa distância em minha voz
Não está te deixando escolha
Se você está procura

Dream Theater - Another day (acoustic). This is my first video, I hope you'll like it.
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Video by Daniel Joveski.
Location - Ohrid, Macedonia


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Another Day from the "Metropolis 2000: Scenes from New York" DVD

my piano cover on brilliant Dream Theater song

Клавишный кавер на песню Dream Theater "Another Day"!

Выступление в Урае, сентябрь 2010г.

Mega clip from Dream Theater Another Day from Images and Words (1992)

Dream Theater - Another Day

Dream Theater — прогрессив-метал группа из США основана в 1985 году тремя студентами музыкального колледжа Беркли. Dream Theater являются одними из основателей жанра «прогрессивный металл». Музыка группы сочетает в себе необычные структуры композиций, сложные инструментальные партии и высокое исполнительское мастерство музыкантов.

Наконец-то промотал первый из двух имеющихся DVD Dream Theater=)

Dream Theater - Another Day (live)

Another Day/Dream Theater/Alvin de Leon

I arranged the whole song for solo guitar as a tribute to one of the greatest band in this planet... DT

Enjoy! kindly rate and comment. Thanks!

High Quality MP3: http://www.4shared.com/file/84803877/5780c28c/AnotherDay.html

Just learned this beautiful solo, hope you enjoy it!

Once again, guitars are from Prominy LPC and the backing track sounds are from the Oasys.

One of the most precious jewels of John Petrucci, now live on www.guitarmasterclass.net.

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Dream Theater - Another day (acoustic). This is my first video, I hope you'll like it.

Video by Daniel Joveski.
Location - Ohrid, Macedonia


From dvd: Live At Tokyo Sun Plaza (24 January 1995)

Dream Theater performing Another Day in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Images and Words (released on this day in 1992).

Recorded July 7, 2012 at ACL Live in Austin, TX.

My acoustic version of Dream Theater's "Another Day", from the album Images And Words (1992).
All music property of Dream Theater.

Another Day solo by Gabriele Motta originally performed by John Petrucci.
Advanced tutorial for guitar lovers.
During the tutorial section click on the "TAB" to go directly to the transcription of the song!
In this video Gabriele plays an LTD EC 100.

Level: Hard
Featured techniques: bending, vibrato, alternate picking, sweep picking, hammer-on, pull-off


Recorded at Brainstorm Studio

Dream Theater - Another Day lyrics on Screen

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Another day Intro&Solo Tabs by Nut

Guitar : Sterling JP 100
Effect : Korg Pandora PX4D

Another Day (Dream Theater) - Keyboard cover by Dani HDZ

Visit http://jammit.com/ to get the scores, the tracks and the app.

Have fun!

Dream Theater - Another Day

Хорошо парень спел. Вполне вероятно, что некоторым вокальная часть может показать лучше, сделал ЛаБри.

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My instrumental version of this great song from Images and Words :)

My own rendition of Another Day,
I hope you all enjoy it and sub my channel www.youtube.com/dhalif
ENJOY and God Bless..

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Концерт 21.05.2010 Сити Холл

Perfect Germany Dreams - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 09/04/1993 (7/12)

Моя юность в группе "Авалон" - 2004 год.

John Petrucci & James LaBrie of Dream Theater performing an acoustic version of Another Day

Another Day (Dream Theater cover) Ibanez J Custom RG1702 and Mesa Studio Preamp, please enjoy!

Another Day - John Petrucci
Dream Theater - Images and Words - 1992
Producer David Prater

Hello there! Here's another dream theater cover.. I actually wanted to do a different video for today, but I guess you will have to wait just a little more for that one : ) I hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

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Piano cover
Георгий Свирин


An acoustic interpretation of one of my favourite DT's songs!

Hope you enjoy it!!

-Guitar: Seagull entourage roustic QI
-Microphone: Samson (condenser)
-Audio interface: Motu ultralite mk3
-Audio editing: Logic
-Video editing: Final cut

Dream Theater - Another Day Austin Texas 07/07/12 Live Happy Holidays CD 2013.

This is a live video with audio track official cd "happy holidays" of dream theater.

The videos are not my responsibility, all rights to the owners of the videos shown here.

Делаем вот кавёр на песню, учу легендарное Петручевсоке соло :)
Знаю, что накосячил немного, знаю, что могу лучше, но в оправдание своё могу сказать: что ЕЩЕ учу, как раз вторую половину, что бэнды на 10-56 струнах после нескольких часов игры - еще то испытание, и что всякими читерскими приборчиками типа дилэя или компрессора не пользовался :)

Dream Theater Split Screen Cover
Another Day - (Images and Words 1992)

Mixing And Mastering : Daniele Olevano
Video Editing : Simon Ciccotti

Line Up :

Simon Ciccotti (Drums)

Dario Di Francesco (Bass)

Ilias Michailakis (Vocals)

Sunghyun Kim (El.Guitar)

Emanuel Ciancia (Sax)

Sebastiano Esposito (Acoustic Guitar