Dream Theater - In The Name Of God

Dream Theater — рок-группа из США, играющая в стиле прогрессив-метал. Для музыки группы характерны необычная структура композиций, сложные инструментальные партии и высокое исполнительское мастерство музыкантов.

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Artist: Mike Portnoy on Drums, Dream Theater the Band
Song: In The Name Of God
DvD: Drums of Thought

I Dont own any copyrights. Credits to Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy Warner Music Group Music.

Это просто фантастический дуэт. .John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess

Concert de l'option musique au Théâtre de la Butte de Cherbourg-Octeville - 30 mai 2013

primera parte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rjgGrHJkBk
medley hecho por dream theater que contiene las canciones: trial of tears, finally free, learning to live, in the name of god, razor´s edge, canción sacada del dvd chaos in motion.

Dream Theater's IN THE NAME OF GOD (Train of Thought) played by VRA!
Brasília - April 9th 2015

Footage provided by Junghwan Kim.

Thiago Campos (Brazil) - Guitar
Felipe Campos (Brazil) - Bass
Paulinho Drums (Brazil) - Drums
Denis Oliveira (Brazil) - Vocals
Junghwan Kim (South Korea) - Keys
Rod Calcagno (Venezuela) - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar

Какой-то осатаневший тип фигачит это соло (причем тоже на music man)...Я был приятно удивлен

I've been on a huge Train of Thought kick lately, so I thought I'd cover something off of it! It's always been a goal of mine to tackle this section of "In The Name of God".

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Dream Theater - In The Name Of God

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Song: In The Name of God
Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Train of Thought


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In The Name Of God (Live At Budokan) (Video)

DREAM THEATER. In The Name Of God. DVD - Chaos In Motion. John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess solo

Filmed and etided by: Ami Bornstein
Arranged by: Moran Magal
Recorded and mixed by: Barak Olier
Make up artist: Neta Lee

IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 - Mesa Boogie
Dual Rectifier - Demo
Dream Theater "In the Name of God"

On to the Dual Rectifier model from the IK Multimedia Mesa Boogie collection for Amplitube 3...

I previously demoed the Mark IV model on my Facebook playing some "Mark" Dream Theater riffs, check it out if you haven't done so already.

For this one I kept it in the Dream Theater realm, but went for a Rectifier song, because, well, this is

Check out Muneyuki's youtube chanel too!

Dream TheaterのIn The Name Of GODのカヴァー動画です!

使用機材はギターがJP-6BFR、AmpはMESAのMarkⅤ、CruesのアッテネーターのLine outからt.c.electronicのimpact twinを通してNative instrumentsのGuitar rigでSPシミュレータをかけて録りました!

In the Name Of God by Dream Theater, cover. Bugera 6262 with 6l6 jjTesla, without pedals. Esp M2 with EMG 81 active pikcups.