Dream Theater - Space Dye Vest

Saint-Petersburg, 26.02.2014

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A cover of Space-Dye Vest on slightly detuned piano

Breaking the Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House)


Жилет в звёздах

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Falling through pages of
Листая страницы каталога Доктора
Martens on angels
Feeling my heart pull west
Чувствуя, что сердце мое тянется к западу,
I saw the future dressed as a stranger
Я увидел, как само будущее идёт по улице,
Love in a space dye vest
Воплощение любви в костюме цвета космоса.

Love is an act of blood and I'm bleeding
Любовь - это кровавое действо, я умираю от ран,
A pool in the shape of a heart
Бассейн в виде сердца,
Beauty projection in the reflection
В его отражении - образ красоты,
Always the worst way to start
Это всегда наихудший способ начать.

Now that you're gone I'm trying to take it
Теперь, когда тебя нет, я пытаюсь смириться с этим,
Learning to swallow the rage
Учусь обуздывать свой гнев,
Found a new girl I think we can make it
Я нашел другую, думаю, она мне подойдет
As long as she stays on the page
Пока она живёт на стра

Dream Theater - Space-Dye Vest
(Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia, 28.02.2014)

Dream Theater - Space-Dye Vest
28.02.2014, Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia

Dream Theater - Space dye vest ( Breaking the Fourth Wall ) - Tradução português

Dream Theater - Space dye vest ( Live From The Boston Opera House ) - with lyrics

From Dream Theater's 1994 album "Awake". This song is a copyright of Dream Theater & I don't own it in any way, shape, or form. Lyrics:

Original studio version from the album Awake.

Recorded with a Lumia 920, battery died near the end.

Dream Theater's "Space-Dye Vest" featured in the 2014 DVD "Breaking the Fourth Wall"

All rights to the respective owners.

Me playing Dream Theater - Space Dye Vest from their 1994 album Awake.
Apologies for having to use the music, only learned this over the weekend!

I wanted to cover at least one song from all the important bands/artists throughout my life and Dream Theater would be one of my top 5 favourite bands of all time. I love them. They have so many great songs but 'Space Dye Vest' stood out to me as a song of theirs that would really lend itself well to an acoustic guitar arrangment. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this classic tune!


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©Dream Theater, Atco Records and WMG

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Dream Space Theater - Fountain Fallen Dye Vest [HD]

-Fan Made Video Clip , Lyrics below --
A small tribute to this beloved song and two of my favorite movies .
I do not own anything of this and thats what fans are for .
***copyrights gave me hard time , so I decided to upload the Demo version instead, although I woulf prefer the crystal clear audio from the studio album. I apologize for the somewhat lower demo quality but the song is awesome just the same :)

I know it isn't perfect but I ain't thaaat good at playing the piano ._. Whatever, I just fucking love this song and I just had to make a cover of it :D Enjoy (: ♥