Dreaming In Italy

Здесь показана вся кросота полётов на высоте более 3 км

I do not own this video or the rights of it! I saw it on YouTube some months ago, but unfortunatly it got removed.

If you are the owner of this video and want me to remove it, please don't hesitate to send me a message! But I hope, I can keep sharing this awesome video of paragliding, nature and uplifting feeling!

Music: TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird (Magdelayna's 'Final Flight' Chilldown Mix)

Directed by Matthew Brown

Music by Reid Willis

Digital Diary - Basilicata

Аниматронные динозавры японской фирмы Kokoro Dreams.

Hi guys and welcome back.

In this video I head off to Verona with Seen Through Glass and Fiat to test drive the new Fiat & Abarth 124 Spider.

Big thanks to everyone involved for making it such an unforgettable day!

Il Matrimonio da favola di Claudio e Claudia a Roma . Ara coeli e Villa Aurelia.
Il video dei preparativi e degli allestimenti: creazione e organizzazione di Roberta Torresan Wedding Planner (www.robertatorresan.it)
Floral Design Giovanni Raspante Stylosofie
Video di Nimfio Studio

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M/Y "MARAYA "is a 54.2M (177' 9") luxury motor yacht built by CRN Ancona of Italy in 2008. With absolutely every possible luxury amenity you could dream of. The yachts interior is by designer Claude Misser . SuperYachT "MARAYA’s" is rumored to be owned by Hip Hop Mogul Sean P Diddy Combs. #the15secflip #igapp

Dream Theater - Panem et Circenses. Live in Rome Italy

Это видео с очень красивого места под названием Комо, это озеро находится в Альпах. Также мы побывали в городе Комо, Белладжо и вернулись в Милан. Всем приятного просмотра.
Times for dream. Enjoy guys.

Leaves' Eyes - The Dream 21-11-2004 Live in Italy

Dio performing "Dream Evil"
in Italy 1987.

Taken from a Italian television broadcast.

Band Line-Up:
Vocals: Ronnie James Dio
Guitar: Craig Goldy
Bass: Jimmy Bain
Drums: Vinny Appice
Keyboards: Claude Schnell

Dianogah live in Anghiari, AR - Italy performing "Dreams of beaing king" at Live@Home special gig. www.myspace.com/liveathome www.toloselatrack.org