EXCISION - X Rated ft Messinian [OFFICIAL]

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Taken from the new album X RATED, out September 12

eXplicit, eXpert, the highly eXalted. I eXercise dance floors, leave them eXhausted. eXplore an apeX sound eXpedition filled with eXcess daemons, y'all can bring the eXorcism. I eXert stress when I eXport beats that eXhilarate the hard and eXterminate the weak. eXecution level neXt. No way to eXplain it. I'm X X X bitch, triple X rated!<br><br>GET THE ALBUM <br>http://www.beatport.com/release/x-rated/675277<br><br>loved this video uploaded by excision and had to extend it. <br><br>No copyright intended. All