Eastern Screech Owl

Male eastern screech owl goes to feed female but she's off the nest. She arrives later. Video captured from the PixController live streaming webcam system

Eastern Screech-Owl (Megascops asio), Somerset, Massachusetts, Thursday, October 6, 2011, 5:00 PM, Canon PowerShot SX130 IS MVI_24469; 5:30 min.

I think this gray phase eastern screech owl is trying to do its monotonous trill call but it's coming out scratchy. In the end it does the eastern screech owl whinny.

This bird is imprinted on humans and is an education bird at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center. Please visit if you ever find yourself in St. Paul, MN!

Roosting in the box in the yard this Owl took in a bit of sun before dissaprearing back into the box. More Screech Owl video at:

Eastern Screech Owl Camouflage and Defensive Techniques - A Mini-Documentary. YouTube videos of a White-faced Scops-Owl "performing" by being frightened (i.e. abused) into changing it's appearance on a Japanese TV show for laughs led to names such as Transformer Owl, Evil Owl, Dracula Owl etc. In fact, many small owls use "Concealing Postures" or the German word "Tarnstellung" to survive in a very hostile world. Perhaps the very best small owl that does this and so much more is the relatively little observ

Screech Owl Calls and Courtship continues at 2 AM with a nice big bug delivered by Mr. Owl. The male actually landed on the camera and the female seems to take her time with the bug until eating it just at the end. Note that I need to adjust the exposure on the camera - no amount of post-processing can save overexposed video.
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More info at: http://screech-owls.blogspot.com/2015/02/eastern-scre

New!! These are not pet owls or tame human imprinted owls tied up to leather gloves or perches and forced to perform unnaturally - this is the real deal -- Amazing little Florida Screech Owls taking camouflage to the highest level in order to survive in a dangerous natural world. The "real" Transformer Owls. The whole story on these events and the Screech Owl Family is at:
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This video was captured during the incubation phase between a male & female eastern screech owl. The male will come into the box mostly during a feeding event. This preening session will go on for 3-5 minutes and they do this several times a night. Video captured from the PixController live streaming screech owl webcam system.

Male eastern screech owl has been sitting in oak tree near the nest box with mother and 3 owlets inside all day. After feeding himself and his family all night he has been sitting in the tree since dawn and needs to remove the digested material from the night before so he can feed again. He regurgitates the pellet prior to dusk and is good to go for the night. More on this owl family at: http://screech-owls.blogspot.com/

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Video shows a female eastern screech owl sining while she's incubating her eggs. Video captured from the PixController live streaming webcam system.

Amazing to see the owl calling during the day. Enjoy the amazing call of the little owl.
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The gray morph Screech Owl spent the day in a box on the edge of the woods behind the house today. A pair of Northern Cardinals and a few White-throated Sparrows can be heard chipping their displeasure through most of the clip.

Watch this Red Morph Eastern Screech Owl mother display a range of facial expressions as she guards her nest box and hops to a new perch.

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Quality stock Screech Owl video.

this is an adorable little screech owl (it's fully grown!) having its face cleaned after being hand-fed. This is from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, FL.

Eastern Screech Owl calling in Eastern Colorado at Prewitt Reservoir