English Grammar - Prepositions of Place - AT, ON, IN


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An English grammar lesson to explain when we use the prepositions of place (in, on and at)

0:28 Using the preposition "at" to describe a specific point or place
2:07 The "at" preposition to define an exact address.
3:39 Using the "at" preposition of place for events and buildings
5:45 We can also use "at" when talking about somebody's house or a temporary stop during a journey.
7:33 Standard expressions that use "at" - For example at home, at school, at church etc.
9:00 We use the place preposition "on" f

In this lesson, He looks at 3 common prepositions of place. Want to know how to use AT, ON, and IN? Have a look at this video, and improve your grammar, as well as your written and spoken English.