Event Horizon

Сквозь горизонт — научно-фантастический фильм ужасов режиссёра Пола У. С. Андерсона. Слоган фильма: «Беспредельный космос. Беспредельный ужас»

2047 год. Спасательный космический корабль послан к границе Солнечной системы с целью выяснить, что произошло с экипажем первого звездолета, созданного для путешествий со сверхсветовой скоростью и бесследно исчезнувшего при первом же полете. Внезапно появившийся из ниоткуда, он был обнаружен возле далекой планеты Нептун.

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|| Бар "Реальные Кабаны" 24.07.16 ||

Оператор:Евгений Луценко, Карина Астрономова
Монтаж:Дарья Хамина

2047 год. Спасательный космический корабль послан к границе Солнечной системы с целью выяснить, что произошло с экипажем первого звездолета, созданного для путешествий со сверхсветовой скоростью и бесследно исчезнувшего при первом же полете. Внезапно появившийся из ниоткуда, он был обнаружен возле далекой планеты Нептун.

I noticed that there were no proper HD versions of the Event Horizon trailer to be found anywhere on youtube, so I decided to recreate it.
The audio is simply lifted from the original trailer, but all the clips have been re-inserted from the BluRay copy of the film.
I tried to match as many of them as I could, but some of the clips were from deleted scenes which were later destroyed, therefore I've had to replace some of them with alternatives from other parts of the movie.
This was fun, I enjoyed putting

Collaboration with Seattle based producer Event Horizon, we on that chill tip.
Event Horizon - https://soundcloud.com/officialeventhorizon
Chaotix - https://soundcloud.com/chaotixedm

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Lovely chillstep/liquid dubstep track from Event Horizon with beautiful vocals.
Back with my own visuals from now on :)

Free download:

~When Gabriel sees himself as the suspected murderer in his crime scene cyber-render, he and Riley must find the mastermind who is framing him. Meanwhile, Lillian is relieved of duty and Tetazoo takes charge with a full-scale manhunt for Gabriel and Riley, on INTELLIGENCE~

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"I’ve been friends with the Cosmic Gate guys for such a long time. Their music is inspiring and matches up really well with what I do, so it was a no-brainer that we’d get into the studio together. I’m really excited by this song and can’t wait to see all the fan reactions when I play it live.” - Ferry Corsten

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2047 год. Спасательный космический корабль послан к границе Солнечной системы с целью выяснить, что произошло с экипажем первого звездолета, созданного для путешествий со сверхсветовой скоростью и бесследно исчезнувшего при первом же полете. Внезапно появившийся из ниоткуда, он был обнаружен возле далекой планеты Нептун.

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Event Horizon & Chaotix - Lies ( Dubstep 2015 )
ChillOut Relaxing Ambient Lounge 2015 Music
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IWFYLS на Захід Фест 2014. Дякую людині яка знімала!

Киев (клуб Атлас) 16.05.15

i am waiting for you last summer - Event Horizon live at Zhara, Kharkov

Небольшой флекс)

iva Movie Sci-Fi event horizon

Taken from "Before Corruption Artificial Deception"
Available now https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/inhollow/id346298693
Directed by Jakob Arevarn

no copyright infringement intended

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I am waiting for you last summer (RU, post-rock, dreamtronica)

Author: Artur Bogdanov<br/><br/>

Участник CreaCon 2013.
Музыка: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Event Horizon
Видеоряд: Mass Effect 1,2,3

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay on PS4 PRO - Playstation Meeting Event

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Корпоратив НГ16


best scene from personal favourite film...guys sorry for subs it was hardcoded

Hello youtube!

Here you can see my first Original(!) track.

I`ve been working a lot on it.It was very useful experience and I`m really happy that I`ve finished it.

I guess this is the first "checkpoint" on my way of creativity.

I hope you`ll like it!

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It was aranged and orchestrated by me.

Mixed and maste

Event Horizon is a unique astronomic simulator, which contains all known to humanity information about the world beyond Earth atmosphere. This is a unique product, experience and tool for Universe visualization in real time, which interactive opportunities are above the borders of established standards.

концовка (физ-культура)

Music, video - NES
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My 1-st montage
3 days work.Total time like 7-8 hours
btw i never before have experience in montage
I know that it could be made better :P
Прога не Afler Effects а Premiere Pro

группа Artificial Waves на фестивале Щепка 2012 осень


Video by "Bulgaria - The code of eternity" (director: Georgi Tornev)

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31.05.2015 презентация альбома "Моя Очередь"

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Hello people.
After hard times, here it is, the 4th installment of the Event Horizon series.
This is a bit more laid back. Hope you guys enjoy it. Dont forget to like, spread and subscribe.
Tracklist and link to the tracks and pictures below. Stay classy people!!

00:00 Synkro - Acceptance
02:15 Black Sun Empire - Killing the Light feat. Inne Eysermans

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15 man heats at Horizon on a sunny day. Last man to cross the finish is out,15 dollar pot with free shuttles. Thanks to Chris Anders for organizing and to everyone who showed up to make this event fun.

Thank you for clicking on this Thunderstep Music special! Scroll down for the "why" and the "how". :)
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You might have noticed that Thunderstep Music has retracted into silence since around the beginning of 2015, only to pop up rarely and irregularly, here and there, every now and then.
But! Do


Futuristic, electronic sounds, synths and effects, all delivered in high definition 96kHz / 24bit.

The AUDIO IMPERIA "Event Horizon" series is specifically designed for modern science fiction campaigns in the likes of Tron, Interstellar, Oblivion, Gravity, Elysium and similar movies. We heavily drew inspiration from musicians such as M83, Daftpunk, Thomas Bergersen, Junkie XL and Steven

Кстати, если кто не понял, по середине черная дыра, а эквалайзер это сам горизонт событий (типа пасхалка).

fijo — Event Horizon

23.09.16 Saint-Petersburg, Opera Club
Dance With The Dead support
Attention! Sound quality is shit on the video

Превью моего полноформатного альбома "Event Horizon", релиз которого состоится в январе.

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DreamFollower LP "Event Horizon" Preview
New album coming out Jan, 2013

Event Horizon
Music by Savage Machine
Recorded and mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios

Filmed and edited by Gotfat Productions

Available at Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music and almost every other streaming service.


!!Expand for FAQ!!

Quake 3 Tricking team Event Horizon has released...

2047 год. Спасательный космический корабль послан к границе Солнечной системы с целью выяснить, что произошло с экипажем первого звездолета, созданного для путешествий со сверхсветовой скоростью и бесследно исчезнувшего при первом же полете. Внезапно появившийся из ниоткуда, он был обнаружен возле далекой планеты Нептун.

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Музыка в видео:
Memorecks - Nobody's Asking
Say [Instrumental Remake]

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ALIEN AUTOPSY (industrial death metal/deathcore)

Directed & produced by Stan Alien at Alien Studios

deleted scenes from Event Horizon

there are much more scenes from hell which can't be found anymore

they cut down a lot of stuff from the original version which would have been very hardcore

music: it's the track "they're back" from the soundtrack Poltergeist 2 composed by the great Jerry Goldsmith

Вдохновение величайших держав творческого разрушения во Вселенной.

Познай силу , которая лежит внутри

What really happens when you approach the event horizon of a black hole? What do you see when you actually cross it? Matt shows you an elegant too...


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Заук та якість телефонні))

Debut album from I AM I - Event Horizon
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............с 5 минуты YouTube померещилось "Cote D'Azur Single (Club Mix) - Moonlight",но это наверное помер ...

by Sobako Barabako

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Делюсь секретами по темам:
Питание - мифы и секреты фрукториантсва, веганства, сыроедения, практика осознанного питания, правильное сочетание, выбор в мегаполисе.
Экология - солнце, живой воздух, электромагнитный смог дома и на работе.
Мышление - избавление от паразитов сознания, развитие мышления.
Спорт - никаких изматывающих тренировок, несколько простых и приятных процедур, для поддержания тонуса.
Очищение - физического и ментального тела, в спокойном состоянии души и разума.
Вода - живая вода, где брать и как правильно употреблять.
Натуропатия - натуральная косметика, бытовая химия, методы лечения.
Голодание - перезагрузка, духовная практика, ментальное карате.
Энергетика - секреты повышения энергетики и жизненного тонуса.
Отдых - как научится правильно отдыхать и восстанавливать силы.



Suddenly... For me it's still a miracle. I felt a second wave of onset. Shining wave that strikes my whole body. And i had flown... I felt my body, statically nested by your side, and i was flying... Upward, skyward, away from here! And there were stars. And there was Universe, enveloping with warm infinitude.
And you were beside me. And i've suddenly understood that it's you who are leading me on this infinite spaces. There was no time. We just can not feel it, it was under control of our flight. Then we c

with: Shall Ocin, Minianimal, Artur, Stas Twee, Alex Pride, Batish, Runov b2b A.Fleming

Пятничная психоделическая))) рассылка, встречаем))

My contribution to the "Community Horizons Trailer Competition"

Thanks to:
CMDR VIX99 ................ Federal Assault Ship
CMDR SNASH .............. Python

"Short change Hero" by The Heavy
"Debris" by Steven Price (Gravity Soundtrack)

Edit with : Sony Vegas Pro
SweetFx EDFX Interstellar by Skypat

Trailer Competition and others trailers here:

Event Horizon 4
Produced By: Shaolin Productions
Edited By: cop
Featuring: Team Event Horizon


Stream 1 - mixed by cop

Oscillist - A New Shade Of Blue
Synkro & Indigo - Reflection
Synkro - Letting Go (dBridge Remix)
Synkro - Summer Blues
Consequence - A Man And A Woman

Stream 2 - mixed by RBK

London Elektricity - U Gotta B Crazy (Enei Remix)
Joe Syntax - Signal Drop

Outro tune: Croms - Invisible Cities

Bruh electro house in the house.

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Its name: EVENT HORIZON. The high-tech, pioneering research spacecraft mysteriously vanished, without a trace, on its maiden voyage seven years earlier. But a weak, persistent signal form the long-missing craft prompts a rescue team, headed by the intrepid Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne, THE MATRIX and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III), to wing its way through the galaxy on a bold rescue mission. Accompanying Miller is his elite crew and the lost ship's designer (Sam Neill, JURASSIC PARK), their mission is to