Eytan and the Embassy - "Everything Changes"

18 Costume Changes -- 1 World Record -- 0 Edits!<br><br>SHARE THIS VIDEO FOR FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: http://tinyurl.com/bn7jb52<br><br>We set the world record for most costume changes in an unedited music video!<br><br>Try to break our record: http://rec.st/lpJ<br><br>We want YOUR contribution for a second take! Upload videos of you singing along in a costume of your favorite artists. Who did we miss? The best submissions will be included in our next video.<br><br>Upload your video to our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/eytanandtheembassy<br><br>Dig 'the making of' here: http://youtu.be/KQ1IvbkTEbM<br><br>Crew: <br><br>Joe Pickard (Director) - http://www.josephpickard.com<br>Tony Segreto (Producer) - http://www.vigilantehd.com<br>Corey Eisenstein (Director of Photography) - http://coreydp.com/<br>Nicole Pezzolla (Costume Designer / Hands) <br>Ashley Miller (Hair and Wi

The new one-take music video for Brooklyn based band Eytan and the Embassy 18 Costume Changes -- 1 Music Video -- 0 Edits! Check out the Behind the Scenes here: https://vimeo.com/44529376 A Modern Mythology Production Joe Pickard (Director) - http://www.josephpickard.com Tony Segreto (Producer) - http://www.vigilantehd.com Corey Eisenstein (Director of Photography) - http://coreydp.com/ Nicole Pezzolla (Costume Designer / Hands) Ashley Miller (Hair and Wigs / Hands) Nina Jin (Makeup / Hands) Michael Eisenstein (Co-Producer) Ari Peluffo (Costume Assistant / Hands) Gabbie Ambrus (Wig Assistant / Hands) David Gould (Production Assistant / Hands) Collin Gilbert (Production Assistant) - http://www.podcastfilmreview.com Cyrus Azima (Production Assistant)