F.ONE - Antandroy

F.ONE new movie shot on RED in Magadascar last summer. Antandroy is the combination of kitesurfing, surfing, SUP on one of the most remote spot. Also an amazing encounter between two peoples.

Before leaving, Madagascar was just a wave and some wind. But once in Lavanono, there is much than that, we discovered an extraordinary people : The ANTANDROY, the people of the thorns.
We shared our two worlds : we surfed on extreme and beautiful spots and tried to introduce them to our passion ; on the other hand, they opened the doors of their village, their customs, their way of life.
Nobody comes back from Lavanono untouched. Inevitably we all leave a small piece of our heart
ANTANDROY , more than a ki

F.one ANTANDROY FullHD Kitesurf Video


The new F-one Trailer


Made by Band-Originale and F.One, this new movie from the french brand show us again some heavy footage. Filmed in the beautifull island of Madagascar on the Antandroy's spot, the riders gives us they're best in this awesome video.

Riders: Micka Fernandez, Etienne Lhote, Mitu Monteiro, Raphaël Salles, Robinson Hilario and Remi Quique.


Coming soon to you ! New F-One movie shot in Madagascar by Band Originale | The ANTANDROY – People from the Thorns
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Фильм о том как чуваки поехали кататься на Мадагаскар жили там в рыбацкой деревне среди местных аборигенов.
На Французском языке с англ. субтитрами
Потрясающе красивая природа, волны, солнце, море.

Selected scenes from the awesome movie Antandroy

http://vimeo.com/31133795 for the full movie