F&V LED Ring Light R-300

The very knowledgable, Connor, from FV gives me a look at their attractively priced LED Ring Light. The new R-300 Ring Light produces soft, continuous light upwards of 1950 Lux and has a 65° beam angle that delivers a wide, even beam of light. For all info, check out the specs on my blog: http://goo.gl/cyIxp


There is new light flicker-free for photography and video, with an excellent quality light coming from it at an excellent price, so we picked up 2 of them them. There was a occasional problem that I will show in the video and I found a solution. http://www.fvlighting.com/r300-led-ring-light.html You an buy a translucent umbrella discounted from Adorama right now. http://www.adorama.com/LTUSU.html?emailprice=t&KBID=67210

Ring Light: http://www.fvlighting.com/store/lighting/led/r300.html?acc=c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc14862c

The moment the R-300 LED Ring light became available, I placed an order for 3 of them. There were quite a few questions, and here i'm demonstrating the light output is comparable to a larger 600 LED light and overall is much smaller, lighter, and cheaper.
You can the R-300 LED Ring light product at the FV website here: http://www.fvlighting.com/store/lighting/led/r300.html?acc=c81e728d9d4c2f636

Ring Light Found Here: http://goo.gl/b6mgK

In this video, we show you not only how the F7V R-300 LED Ring Light performs as a 3 Point Light Setup but also what the color looks like and how the R-300 LED Ring Light compares to a common 600 LED Light. Ring Light Found Here: http://goo.gl/b6mgK