Fatal Fail: Fatality fail., Epic Fail, Fatal End, stupid death...., DAVID BECKHAM CORNER KICK GOAL - FATAL FAIL DAVID SEAMAN RETIREMENT, Fatal Epic Fail :D
Fatal Fail

лол пичаль

Scoring a goal from corner kick, impossible or just beautiful : )
Here is best corner kick goal, for sure goal of the century, this was David Seaman's last appearance for the England national team, as Eriksson dropped him after this game. In this match, he let in a goal directly from a corner kick by Artim Sakiri in a 2--2 draw and brought further press criticism.
And in this match David Beckham learned to score goal from corner kick

Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus), Iker Casillas (


Epic Fail top-3 Chart

If I was playing a sport where nothing happens after 42 minutes, I'd probably kick it into my own goal as well.

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Fatality Fail.

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