Flirting With the Camera.

Juvenile Yellow Boxfish in pink sponge, Sulawesi, Indonesia

this video was taken from

Shot with the 5D Mark II

“This man's flirting eyes with the audience 😍 even though I could not catch it with my camera it will always be in my mind #theohurts #hurts…”

Just wanna do something special for all the the world (guys too if that's what you're into)
What I realised halfway in was that this video started to tell a story. At the beginning, is the first time he realises your existence and looks/waves at you, it's all lovely and that's the reason for the harps. Then you start flirting with each other. Finally there's can guess the last parts
- bobo is so thoughtful and deep. GG all

Music I used
"Improvisation On Sunday...