Florence + The Machine - Lover To Lover

Премьера видеоклипа Florence + The Machine на песню "Lover To Lover" со второго альбома "Ceremonials".

27 мар.14 Категория видео: Музыка. Смотреть онлайн видео %3E Новый видеоклип британской группы Florence + the Machine. Песня стала шестым синглом из второго альбома группы Ceremonials.
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The official acoustic music video to Florence and the Machine's "Lover to Lover". This acoustic session was recorded in the producer of Ceremonials' (Paul Epworth's) London studio in 2011. Film by Dri Riser, for the Ceremonials EPK.

Группа Florence + The Machine исполнили свою песню с последнего альбома "Lover to Lover" в акустической версии.

Actors, Ben Mendelsohn & Florence Welch. Company, Park Pictures. Produced by Francesca Lentini. Cinematography by Steve Annis. Art Direction by Jason Hougaard. Wardrobe by Natasha Newman Thomas. Editing by Vincent Haycock. Telecine by Arnold Ramm.

The English Songstress Performs a Tale of American Heartbreak in Vincent Haycock's New Video.

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I’ve been losin' sleep,
I’ve been keepin' myself awake,
I’ve been wandering the streets,
For days and days and days,

Oh if I’m row to row,
Back to back,
Lover to lover,
And black to red,

But I believe,
I believe

Группа Florence + The Machine исполнили свою песню с последнего альбома "Lover to Lover" в акустической версии.

Florence + The Machine perform 'Lover To Lover' live at The Hackney Empire on 25th October 2011. Subscribe to LoveLive TV for more tracks and follow us on the social channels below for further news and updates:
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Lover To Lover from Ceremonials (2011), track 6.
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Florence + the Machine perform 'Lover to Lover' at The Mondavi Center at UC Davis in Davis, CA on April 18th, 2012.

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This non-commercial video has been recorded (by myself using amateur recording equipment) in order to memorialize and preserve an experience and event, and it is merely a small sample o

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Florence and the Machine performed at The O2 Arena in London on December 5 2012. Prior to my gig-filming hobby, I had attended many of Florence's London shows (including those at Brixton, Hammersmith, Somerset House, Hackney & Alexandra Palace), but sadly was unable to get a ticket to see her wonderful performance, playing bull to Sir Mick Jagger's bullfighter, at the Rolling Stones O2 Show on November 29 2012. Anyhow, at least I got to see Florence at the same O2 Arena, a week later, at her own London home

Florence + the Machine Community

Florence + the Machine Community

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