Fokus Production

Fokus Productions are a creative group based out of Quebec City. We are collaborating to develop a video set using Serato Video-SL to mix and scratch visuals music. The audio video are both controlled by timecoded vinyl MIDI controllers which is mixed with live images using a video mixer. The video below gives you a peek into what we've been creating. The Skratch Of All Trades show tour are coming soon.

To be continued...

Thanks to Serato (Video-SL, Rane


Марат M.O.O.N. Pro и Александр Fokus поздравляют Сюзанну с днем рождения, и посвящают клип авторский.

ЦАО Records Казань

2011 видео отчет...воспоминания...как хотите назовите!

ЦАО Records Казань