Folding Christmas Tree napkins

Как красиво сложить салфетку к новогоднему праздничному столу

🍴How to fold napkins from the tree - Folding napkins at Christmas

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How to make a Christmas Tree Napkins - Folding Napkins - Christmas Table setting - Origami for 1 Minute. 💚💛💚 Any celebration becomes more interesting when he was ready. Decoration New Year's table - is no exception. In this video I show how to make a napkin in the form of Christmas trees. Make napkin Christmas trees as much as you are expecting guests. Put the napkin on the plate. Rozhdestvensaya serving cheer up and aggravate the sense of celebration. Rozhdestvensky origami done easily and quickly. Napkin

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Сервировка новогоднего стола. Салфетки ёлочки. МК.

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Learning this Christmas tree napkin fold technique really upped my holiday table setting game and I'd like to spread the (napkin) joy. The following super simple steps result in nothing less than a modern, classy, and I can't help but say it, adorable way to work your napkins into the dinner mix.