Formal Prom Hair Updo Tutorial

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Step-by-step, DIY, fancy, elegant, romantic, quick, and easy prom / wedding hairstyles with curls, 2013 instructional hair tutorial video, for medium hair and for long hair, even if you have hair extensions. Learn how to do a bridal, party style hairdo on your own hair / on y

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I came up with an idea of an updo using the waterfall braid technique, I basically interlocked the braids by using the strands left over from the previous braid.
I think it's really different and cute, I wore it to work today, and got compliments from colleagues and customers alike, So I decided to show you all how to do it.
I hope you enjoy it and it's of some value to someone out there! lol


♥ Don't forget to LIKE FAVORITE to try this hairstyle later! ♥

Inspired by the romantic mood of the Valentine's day season, here is a quick and easy, elegant and formal, fancy hair bun/chignon updo with curls hairstyle tutorial for long hair, medium hair, and even short hair.

In addition, in this hair tutorial, I briefly go over how to use the hair pins and bobby pins correctly in the hair, for updos and other hairstyles in this tutorial.

This classic, chic loose bun updo is one o

НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ - Прически на каждый день - Салон красоты

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Bridal Prom or Formal Updo Hair Tutorial