French Doll

Japanese model Vanilla Chamu has undergone more than 30 operations in a bid to look like a 'living French doll' that cost her more than $100,000 for plastic surgery. She is perfect example of before and after plastic surgery operation.<br/><br/>

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FR : Bonjour! o/ Me voilà avec une chanson d'Ib! (De Mad Father aussi mais c'est normal vu que ca vient du même mec!) J'ai même fais mes propres paroles! ^o^ J'espère qu'elles passent bien pour vous! Personnellement, je me suis amusée à le faire, surtout quand il fallait rire... 8D

EN : Hello! o/ I'm back with a Ib's song! (Well, Mad Father too but that the same guy who made this.) I even made my own lyrics! ^o^ Hope you like it! I really enjoyed to do it... 8D

Lyrics in Fren

Photoshoot - French Doll - Octobre 2010.


Vanilla Chamu Japanese ,Model Spent over ,$100K on Plastic ,Surgery to, Look Like a French Doll,
Vanilla, Chamu ,Japanese ,Model Spent, over $100K ,on Plastic Surgery, to Look ,Like a French, Doll,<br/><br/>

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Тату, девочки и эскизы

The precision and accuracy of movement is outstanding in this piece. Although hard to see in the video, the cat's head is strikingly hand-painted with exceptional detail. It was designed by artists Anne Pradère and Dominique Jalabert -- of France, under the name; "L'Arbre à Pain".
Each of their characters are unique. They are moulded, hand-painted and wear custom-made costumes of antique materials, lace and appliqué.
In order to perpetuate the French tradition of automaton designers, the mechanics are

Artiste : VIXX
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Note : La traduction étant réalisée à partir de traductions anglaises (ici celles de popgasa et fyeah-vixx), il y a donc de fortes chances pour que ma traduction ne soit pas exacte à 100% et qu'elle comporte certaines erreurs. Les paroles ont été romanisées avec

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This is a 20 inch antique French Henri Rostal Mon Tresor doll that I sold.

Gateway Antiques Center is in Ringgold, GA just off of I-75, Exit 353.
We have one of the south's largest antique malls!<br/><br/>

Из архива Николая Цискаридзе:
"Щелкунчик", 2 акт, Французские куклы.
Хореография Ю...

In 1982, Joan Collins guest-stars in the tv movie "Paper Dolls", with young Daryl Hannah Alexandra Paul.
She plays bitchy (what a surprise) Racine (Régine in the French version), the big boss of a model agency. Careers are launched as fast as they are destroyed.

Costumes by Nolan Miller.

Sorry about the lame video quality :(

Really cute eclairs in mini size !<br/><br/>

Dolls (2002) - French

Vous pouvez voir ce film en :

Un film de Takeshi Kitano
Avec Hidetoshi Nishijima, Miho Kanno, Tatsuya Mihashi

French Doll House construction - Not made in China

“Hi dolls!!! 💙💙💙 This Is the video tutorial for make a easy French blue mani 💍💍💍 I use the following: . 🔸Etude House Base Coat 🔸Barre My Soul @opi_products…” Need supplies for this Fabulous Craft? click the link!

by request: Your dolls will LOVE these yummy and easy to make Doll Ma...

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Transforme ta poupée Winx Butterflix avec ses tenues féériques et découvre le monde magique des Winx! Paire d'ailes holographiques amovible.

For when you want to get a little dolled up! Braided hairstyle made with French braids

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ROWYSO tour - Paris - 22.05.15
5 Seconds of Summer
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Double Sided Dutch Braid Tutorial!

Hello everyone! Today what we are gonna do is double sided dutch braid with our lovely curvy Barbie doll. In th...

Образец видения голливудского композитора французской настроенческой музыки. Вышло в итоге нечто гибридо образное.

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How to Braid Barbie Doll Hair - Double Sided French Braid!!!

Hi guys, in my previous video I made a dreadlock haired Barbie With french braid. So in this video I wanted to show you how to braid your doll's hair. Hope you enjoy it!

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How to Make Dreadlock Ha

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/WARNING\ Spoil alert OwO

This is a loli song with a loli voice for a loli gurl.
Now, french.
Tu voulais un nouveau stylo avec des cartouches ? Ba non t'auras une cover //SHOT
Je suis sûre que tu te souviens même pas du moment où je faisais les lyrics et que je t'avais posé des questions ... A ce moment là j'étais genre "Pourquoi ne pas poster pour son