Full Circle

Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken have recreated a design classic with a modern twist. This project is testament to how a brand can sometimes move in a full circle. Kinsella and Bakken (both big fans of LEGO) recreated a scale model of the 1984 classic, Apple Macintosh. Then with a few simple adjustments to the design, they were able to incorporate the Apple iPad into the design. The result; a super cool looking place to dock the iPad, read the newspaper, or watch a film. Jason Kinsella and Charlotte B

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Каллум Купер снял это необычное видео. Необычность заключается в переходах между кадрами и в звуке.


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by Enya Mommsen

Recorded live in London for the Crouch Hill Sessions with Ian Grimble.

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Official video clip of Full Circle | From "Dark Eyes" by Half Moon Run.


Direction : Pierre-Luc Racine / Parce Que Films

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Full 360 Degree Circular Rainbow! In rare cases it is possible to see a rainbow round 360 degrees from the plane. I saw it yesterday! It's was great! I hope you like it too
(music by "Sigur Ros" - "Var")

Bloodborne: Порождение крови
Music: Danny Cocke Full Circle
Авторы клипа: Rosa Nechaeva X & SELENA171092

О'Нилл узнает от Даниэла, что Анубис готовит атаку на Абидос. Даниэл сообщает Джеку, что побороть Анубиса можно только с помощью древнего артефакта, спрятанного на Абидосе, - Глаза Ра. SG-1 вместе с вознесенным Даниэлом отправляются на Абидос, где вступают в противостояние с Анубисом и его джаффа.

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(Deathcore, Hardcore, Downtempo Deathcore, Metalcore)

Самая большая группа про ЭКСТРИМ | EXTREME

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VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

Группа сыграла на Радио "Modern Rock 93.3" December 4th, 2014

Half Moon Run perform Full Circle in session for Huw Stephens from the BBC's legendary Maida Vale Studios for Huw Stephens. Make sure you check out the videos for the other tracks the band played - Nerve, Unoffered and Call Me In The Afternoon

The second collection of demos from our upcoming third album, Coming Full Circle. Have some big things to look forward to on this album, including a special guest appearance, so follow us on Facebook to get the details as we release them!


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Audiomachine - Breath and Life
Audiomachine - The Last One
Audiomachine - I Create

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Full Uncut Trailer with Deathstroke in Action / Deathstroke wird die Welt von Oliver Queen auf den Kopf stellen. Der geile Trailer zu der Hammerserie und den kommenden Ereignissen seht ihr hier. Long live Deathstroke und die Suicide Squad ;)

Full Circle - Oct. 9, 2013 only on DirecTV, Audience Channel

Full Circle marks the television debut of award-winning screenwriter and playwright Neil LaBute (The Shape of Things, In the Company of Men). Like many of LaBute's plays, the show focuses on the complexity of human interaction, this time through "La Ronde"-style episodes where 11 people's lives intertwine and intersect until they come to a devastating and shocking conclusion. Watch this behind-the-scenes teaser and mark your calendars for the premiere on October 9th at 9PM on DIRECTV's AUDIENCE (Ch.239)!

Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Sa Gee.

Shane Guffogg has been visually exploring the painting titled "Ginevra de Benci" by Leonardo da Vinci for 2 years, investigating small details of line and color that he pulls out and conceptually transfers on to canvas, to which he then responds and adds to in what Guffogg likes to call his visual conversation with Leonardo.

Guffogg began Ginevra de Benci #24 in his country studio in Central California in the spring of 2011, working on it again in November and D

Bioshock Infinite Soundtrack
28 Will The Circle Be Unbroken -- full version (A. Habershon, C. Gabriel) - Courtnee Draper -- vocal, Troy Baker -- guitar.
Playlist; http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3QZUm48uWnsdFakp3A2fI-NzmfH1jyQe
Full OSTs: http://www.youtube.com/user/VGameOSTs

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The Full Circle Story- a five part documentary series coming 02/22/16. Head to www.ofmiceandmenofficial.com for more details. Directed by Jon Stone

The singer opened up to ET on Monday in LA at the premiere of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass.'

LA artist Hunnit shoots his visual to his new single "Full Circle" in home town of Watts, Los Angeles.
Dir./Edit/Prod. By Pearlhouse


Дата выхода: 9 Сентябрь 2011

Последняя часть дневников разработчиков

Big Battle (Foix)
Speaker Luther K
Dj MayDay

Winner : Full Circle

Available as 2CD/DVD digipak version, Blu-ray/2CD version, 2LP Gatefold version and download
Out October 16th
More infos at: www.pagansmind.com

Country: Ukraine
Genre: Blackened Death Metal

1. Unchewed Scream (Througn the flesh of the Earth) 03:37
2. The Peak 02:47
3. In the First Circle 03:17
4. Rite 03:57
5. Kelvin 05:01

Moscow Drum Community DRUMROOM


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Pit Full of Shit

Silent Circle - Touch in The Night
♫ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ ♫

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Amazing view before sunset on March 7th 2016 within the grounds of Lissan House outside Cookstown. Filmed this complete 360 degree full circle rainbow with primary and secondary bows and supernumerary arcs with the Phantom 3 Advanced. Lissan House can be seen within the trees with the ground bow in close proximity. www.nightskyhunter.com

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

Поначалу кажется, что истории персонажей одиннадцати эпизодов этого драматического сериала совершенно различны, однако постепенно становится ясно, что их судьбы неоднократно переплетаются и пересекаются между собой и постепенно взаимоотношения одних героев оказывают всё большее влияние на других. В результате, это приводит к разрушительным последствиям для всех участников этой истории.

Music video by Aerosmith performing Full Circle. (C) 1997 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

Label: Frontier Records
Format: LP, CD
Country: USA
Released 1982
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk

01. Wild in the Streets - 00:00
02. Leave me Alone - 02:34
03. Stars and Stripes - 03:53
04. 86´d (Good as Gone) - 05:31
05. Meet the Press - 07:25
06. Trapped - 08:44
07. Murder the Disturbed - 10:24
08. Letter Bomb - 12:25
09. Question Authority - 13:41
10. Defamation Innuendo - 15:39
11. Moral Majority - 18:00
12. Forced Labor - 18:55
13. Political Stupid - 20:11
14. Just Like Me - 21:48

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This is a quick and powerful HIIT Class. Done in 12 minutes. No resting period. Let me know how you make it through it. Post a post workout photo in BY. personally i couldn't say a full sentence after hehe
P.S. I must add that there was an ecstatic feeling after this workout that lasted for 2 days.

[UV Underground Title Barbed Wire & Light Tubes Match]

UltraViolent Wrestling Group

“Let's take this full circle. What's next for ATLUS? Tune in this Wednesday to find out!”

Footage belongs to Ubisoft, it is not mine.
Music belongs to Half Moon Run, it is also not mine.
However this particular Edit is mine.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
Half Moon Run - Full Circle

Jennifer Lopez and team huddle for a prayer before hitting the stage in Montreal. Exclusively on TOUR FEED at JenniferLopez.com

Woe performs "Full Circle" at Scion Rock Fest 2011. For more information and content, visit us at scionav.com/rockfest.

Ronda Rousey Highlights
Song- Half Moon Run - Full Circle

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аматорское видео, проф ещё долго ждать

1 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - Dirt
2 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - Shell Dweller featuring Unorthadox
3 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - Abacus
4 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - Mark
5 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - Van Gogh's Crows
6 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - 1981985 Pt. II featuring Unorthadox
7 - Shahmen - Enter The Circle - World Of Wils Pt. I
Shahmen's site : http://shahmen.com/

Video recap of the first week on the #FullCircleTour
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In 2006, undefeated Gilbert Melendez was on the verge of superstar status. Then his main promotion, PRIDE Fighting Championships got bought by the UFC.

After a nine-moth layoff and a pair of lackluster losses, Melendez returned with a vengeance.

In Part 3 of this FIGHT! Life series, the Strikeforce Lightweight champ discusses his rollercoaster ride of a fighting career, and his upcoming bout against controversial Japanese submission ace Shinya Aoki.

Produced and directed by Matthew Ross. Camera:

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Music video by Half Moon Run performing Full Circle. (C) 2013 Off Tv / Indica Records

A Perfect Circle - The Outsider - played with an almost broken acoustic guitar, upright bass and kitchen drums! Vocals done through a walkie-talkie
I had a cold during the recording so i was wearing a blanket all the time :)
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Сыграно на раздолбанной гитаре, контрабасе и кухонной утвари. Вокал писал через рации. Во время запили был простуженный, поэтому сидел в теплом клетчатом пледе и валенках )

Подписывайтесь, буду выкладывать еще видео! Задумок еще много! )

Для любителей Айронмена:)

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

"Of Mice & Men" представили первый эпизод из своего документального сериала. Всего будет 5 частей.

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Watch this exclusive peek and behind-the-scenes featuring the star-studded cast of DIRECTV's new original series premiering on AUDIENCE October 9th at 9PM. And watch the first two episodes NOW on DIRECTV Everywhere!<br/><br/>

"Полный круг", часть первая, русские субтитры (перевод faltar)

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Original piece by Gene Shinozaki and Chris Celiz
Visuals by some of our favorite anime movies "Akira" and "Princess Mononoke"




Emily Bett Rickards, Stephen Amell and David Ramsey discuss whether Team Arrow can be re-built, new villains and more.

Disclaimer: I do not own this video. All credits go to the respectful owner(s).

New single/music video out November 11th!

"Полный круг", часть вторая, русские субтитры (перевод faltar)

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Сюжет фильма строится вокруг нелюдимой и одинокой наследницы состояния своей семьи Эбигейл, которая не покидает квартиры на Манхэттене уже два десятка лет. Она общается только с двумя людьми: через записки с консьержем своего дома и с доктором Реймондом Фонтейном, старинным другом семьи Эбигейл и поверенным во всех ее делах.

Героине приходится столкнуться со своими страхами, когда полицейский детектив начинает расследование убийства, произошедшего в квартире напротив.

"Полный круг", часть четвёртая, русские субтитры (перевод DORE, faltar, nikpog, Lord, pioner, Petja)

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Want to see the whole of GTA V's San Andreas from the ground? Watch Rob and Nath as they race from Los Santos to Mount Chilliad and back in 15 minutes.
Flying GTA V's map from end to end: http://bit.ly/16y77DP

PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub

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New Wheelie in the books. The Forklift or against the current 2 footed pedal Death truck. Jim McKay on the edit thanks!

This a Full Circle show in Manhattan in 2000,it was in a church in downtown,i don't remember the name of that place.This show has real legends,like :Jazzy J Boog Soulfire,Julio Klown Santiago,Gabriel Kwikstep Dionisio,Ana Rokafella Garcia.Big respect to all this dancers!Those months with them are the best memory in my life! By Sörös Tamás

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Thank you for watching beautiful souls :)

Read this.

Same as the second sample. Work in progress, not entirely happy with it, difficult as duck. In this, tentatively the last sample of the project which is almost done (I'm 80% there), I show you the very finale of the movie.

It's actually 3:05 hours long. I'm gonna get sued for false advertising. Anyway, here it is. I managed to find another, new, version of "King of Pride Rock", managed to tie it into this scene more or less.

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▤ Плейлисты Sony Vegas:

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❻ ПЕРЕХОДЫ: https://goo.gl/EUbV2U
❼ ПЛАГИНЫ: http://goo.gl/KIAz6H
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Видеофайл принадлежит группе ►Hercules | Удивительные странствия Геракла◄ vk.com/hercules_tlj

Двукратный чемпион мира по ледовому спидвею Даниил Иванов отправился на самое глубокое озеро в мире.
Two-time ice speedway world champion Daniil Ivanov has dreamed for years of taking his bike for a ride over the frozen waters of Lake Baikal, the deepest and oldest lake in the world.

Red Bull Russia

Daniil Ivanov

Production Studio:
Wind Channel for Red Bull Media House

Project Manager:
Vadim Shevchenko / Red Bull Russia

Athlete Team Manager:
Boris Karkachev / Red Bull Russia


♔*Самые страшные фильмы ужасов*♔



Is an explanation for these even needed, guys.

Seven months ago I went on this funky pony websites filled with strange strange pony..games. *cough* I had no idea it was gonna be this insanely weird yet hilarious to record while remaining in character. Since it's been requested for me to try it again.. LET'S RETURN TO THE CRAZY REALM.

Check out part one of the "Weird Pony Games"!

Thank you for the lovely fanart btw! Since uploading my first Vanna Let's Plays

Пишут что на GoPro снято)


Villain from PA, USA gave this shout out to Beatbox Television behind the scenes at the Great North Beatbox Battle in Toronto, Canada. Shout out to Beatbox Canada for sharing their studio space with us so we could make our videos.
Beatbox Television produces high quality videos of beatboxers from all around the world. Our daily uploads feature showcase performances, competitions and documentaries about the lives of beatbox artists.
Insane Beatbox

Scandal 4x12 "Full Circle" - Olivia remains one-step ahead of her captures, but she won’t be able to keep it up for long. Jake, Huck and Quinn turn to an old friend for help and Fitz is pushed to the limit forcing Cyrus to take matters into his own hands, on “Scandal,” Thursday February 12th on ABC.

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Аудиокальян для вдохновения: [club35486626|Другая музыка]

Denver Nuggets Vs New York Knicks - Full Highlights [ 9 December 2012 ] NBA CIRCLE 2012/13
Denver Nuggets Vs New York Knicks - Full Highlights [ 9 December 2012 ] NBA CIRCLE 2012/13
Denver Nuggets Vs New York Knicks - Full Highlights [ 9 December 2012 ] NBA CIRCLE 2012/13
Denver Nuggets Vs New York Knicks - Full Highlights [ 9 December 2012 ] NBA CIRCLE 2012/13
Denver Nuggets Vs New York Knicks - Full Highlights [ 9 December 2012 ] NBA CIRCLE 2012/13
Denver Nuggets Vs New York Knicks - Full H

Full Circle | Album: Infinite Edges |
Shot & Directed by: Emdee for True Dimes Productions
Edited by Kwame NB for Symbolik Media


01. Stop The Rain in The Night
02. Touch in The Night
03. Hide Away - Man is Comin' !
04. Danger, Danger
05. Time For Love
06. Love is Just a Word
07. I' m Your Believer
08. Moonlight Affair
09. Time For Love
10. Every Move, Every Touch
11. 2Night
12. Hit Medley
13. Touch in The Night
14. Stop The Rain in The Night

originally from http://vimeo.com/37077712

Visuals: Callum Cooper
Audio: John Kassab

Willow Berzin
Callum Cooper
John Kassab
Tim Tropp

Georgia Fulton
Jeremy Koren
Sam Willersdorf

Foley Artist:
Adrian Medhurst

Special Thanks:
Leo Baker
Jules Berzin
Tim Fleming
Andrew Hustwaite
Taryn McLean
Hal Tropp
Moi Rogers

Full Circle is the first fashion film for new London

Coming Full Circle - I have know Effraim Catlow for a few years now we had always spoken about creating him a flatland bmx edit. In Early June 2014, we finally decided to go ahead and shoot. He wanted to create a edit that was true to his style of flatland. Things may have slightly changed since his would championship days, but Effraim's passion, creativity and progression for flatland have only got stronger. We filmed at at the Brook Club in Portsmouth where Effraim as been riding most days for the

Battle Dantza Final North Commando vs Full circle

Winner : North Commando

Dj Help On the mix

Bioshock Infinite "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" Full Song In Studio with Ken Levine - Duet by Courtnee Draper and Troy Baker - The voices of Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt in the game. Credits recorded in HD with an HD PVR 2 Hauppage Gaming Edition. This was taken from the credits at the very end. I do not own the rights to the song or material in the game - all credit goes to its rightful owner.

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

Bloodborne: Порождение крови
Music: Danny Cocke Full Circle (No Choir Mix)
Авторы клипа: Rosa Nechaeva X & SELENA171092

April 18 2013 , 14:30, Main Stage, Roadburn Festival, Tilburg, Holland. These are the coordinates of space and time for the worldwide premiere of my "Outside The Great Circle" movie. This is the highlight of my art so far, combining illustration, music and movie and it closes the chapter in my life, opened by the almighty "Where Purgatory Ends" in 2011. After 4 complex art exhibition projects based on human becoming, "Outside The Great Circle" is the fifth element that completes the puzzle, the farthest poi

"Полный круг", часть третья, русские субтитры (перевод faltar, pioner)

Подробнее: http://vk.com/page-5742320_28296606

Silent Circle - Stop The Rain in The Night
♫ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ ♫

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

Silent Circle - Danger Danger
♫ █▬█ █ ▀█▀ ♫

Watch OTB's new music video here: http://youtu.be/Un76jrW-Lc8

VK.COM/TOP_DOC - Самые интересные документальные фильмы и телешоу от: BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic и других познавательных телеканалов.

1. Beef Wellington vs. Derek Frazier vs. Niles Young vs. Spyral
2. BLKOUT (King & Sabian) vs. DJ Hyde & Jon Dahmer
3. Franky The Mobster vs. Adam Flash (CZW Iron Man Title Match)
4. B-Boy & Nate Webb vs. The Kings Of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli)
5. Mike Quackenbush vs. Emil Sitoci (CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Match)
6. 2 Tuff Tony & Mad Man Pondo vs. The H8 Club (Justice Pain & Nick Gage) (CZW Tag Team Title Match)
7. Sexxxy Eddy vs. The Arsenal
8. Ruckus vs. Sonjay Dutt (CZW World Heavyweight Title Match)
9. Necro Butcher vs. Toby Klein (Anything Goes Match)

Adam Lambert stops by the studio to talk about his journey from American Idol contestant to guest judge alongside Jennifer Lopez an Harry Connick Jr.

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On Air with Ryan Seacrest on YouTube
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Пятеро отважных подростков принимают участие в телешоу на выживание. Благодаря скоординированным общим действиям для прохождения препятствий и взаимопомощи, пятёрка попадает в финал, и одерживает победу шоу. Их поздравляет сам организатор шоу — известный бизнесмен, мистер Ли. Он восхищается физическими данными и мастерством ребят, и предлагает уже испытанной команде — Акселю, Лайнес, Кингу, Шарку и Хоуку работать на его мегакорпорацию, Ли Индастриз, в качестве испытателей техники нового поколения.

Descendents perform “Full Circle" LIVE at Phaser Control Recording Studio in San Diego, California for a 91X X-session.

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