Gamzee Makara - Insanity: Gamzee Makara INSaNiTY, -[[ iNsAnItY ]]- GaMzEe MaKaRa
Gamzee Makara - Insanity

I hope you like my video! gamzee is just amazing! I DO NOT OWN THE SONG. I DO NOT OWN GAMZEE MAKARA HE BELONGS TO HUSSIE!!! any way i hope you enjoy my video! please comment rate fave and subscirbe! the singers are miki and kaito

A little tribute to one of the best characters from homestuck,

he's not my number one favorite, but he's still completely boss.
Anyway yeah, enjoy yadda yadda.

Not of the art belongs to me
Gamzee belongs to Hussie

Song: Insanity - Miki Feat. Kaito
Footage: HomeStuck
Program: Vegas 10