Gang Starr - Codes Of The Streets

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Year: 1994 // Album: Hard to Earn

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Album: Code Of The Streets 1994 г.
Guru R.I.P.

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Gang Starr - Code Of The Streets - (Hard To Earn) [1994]

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Gang Starr:

Take this for example young brothers want rep
Cause in the life they're living, you can't half step
It starts with the young ones doing crime for fun
And if you ain't down, you'll get played out son
So let's get a car, you know, a fly whip
Get a dent, pull a screwdriver, and be off quick
With a dope ride, yeah, and a rowdy crew
We can bag us a Benz and an Audi, too
Even a jeep or a van, goddamn, we're getting ours, yo
Take a trip up the strip, and be like stars so

From the "Hard To Earn" album.

From 1994 Album: "Hard To Earn".....

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From 1994 Album: "Hard To Earn"...