George Clinton - Atomic Dog

Очень кислотный клип на очень хороший трек

Это ж как надо было накурить режиссёра!...

George Clinton - Atomic Dog Video
I claim no right to this video or the music contained within. The original artists retain all rights. Thank you for allowing me to host the video on my page. That being said today 6/22/12 George Clinton subscribed to my video's. Thank you for the honor !!

Уверен, что здесь найдутся почитатели этого и господина))))))

Fly on Garry Starchild Shider, this was his last European tour November 2009 , Garry passed away a half year later... on June 16 2010.
Thanks for all you made happen.

Single by George Clinton from the album 'Computer Games'.

B-side: "Loopzilla", "Man's Best Friend"
Released December 1982
Format Vinyl record (7", 12")
Recorded: January 1982
Genre: P-Funk, electronica
Length: 4:15 (7" single version)
4:42 (LP and instrumental versions)
10:00 (Atomic mix)
Label: Capitol
Writer:s George Clinton, Garry Shider, David Spradley
Producer: George Clinton

'Atomic Dog' is a song by George Clinton from his 1982 album Computer Games. The track was released a

George Clinton - Atomic Dog

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George Clinton is the mastermind behind the bands Parliament and Funkadelic and one of the foremost innovators of funk music. The Godfather of Funk visited our studios for a live set of some of his biggest hits.
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