Girls - My Ma

I am inspired by the movie, My Sassy Girl. The story is quit similar with that.

Story: Ma Ri is a foreign student. Da-ran's brother, Choong-shik falls in love with her by the first sight. After half year, Choong-shik and Mari wants to get marry. Later, Mari comes to her boyfriend's house and thinks about the event of wedding. They know that Da-ran would not like their idea. Therefore, they try to get the support from their to-be brother-in-law, Yoon-jae.However, it fails. Finally, Mari and Yoon-jae try to

Video del tercer sencillo del disco "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" de Girls. Fue dirigido por Aaron Brown y filmado por Grant Singer.

Made for my Superfanastic neroloving friend,She made this picture, and made te cordinates for te voice Her Channel

Рабочие будни " The AGEncy of PRide"

Girls perform songs from their album Father, Son, Holy Ghost in an abandoned Brooklyn church in this very special session.

Музыкальная Альтернативная Энциклопедия

- DJ Aristocrat

- Dave Baron

- Toly Braun


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