Go fuck yourself

Как Стивен Огг (Тревор в GTA V) послал фаната по его просьбе :)

Xander Le Poe<br/><br/>

DROP BE LIKE?! Two Feet has gained an almost cult-like organic following after uploading “Go Fuck Yourself” on his SoundCloud. Today is the day, he releases his debute EP "First Steps" through Majestic Casual Records. Download the song for free now → https://majesticartists.io/majesticcasual/two-feet-go-fuck-yourself
Download / Stream Two Feet - First Steps EP (4 tracks)
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the drop is so so good!

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Музыка в авто для саба

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Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself
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Download for free: https://majesticartists.io/majesticcasual/two-feet-go-fuck-yourself

Download / Stream Two Feet - First Steps EP
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Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself
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Jack you haven't been returning any of my codec calls lately!

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Hank Death Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uXpgSRDHXw

[club63381133|Nigga Vine] - Black Humor

Weeds последняя серия

Trevor Phillips (Steven Ogg) from GTA 5 says "Go Fuck Yourself!"

by Roman Lysenko

Roman Bordunov

-Но мы может остаться друзьями.
-Нет, иди ты к черту!

from "Friends with benefits"


i was making one if after effects of yoongi before this but (: ae crashed and i didn't save im so smart
media; bts
character/s; jung hoseok
song; go fuck yourself
artist; two feet
software used; after effects cs6

by Александр Иванов

Конкретно. Коротко и ясно! По-мужски xDD

X-Men: First Class
Эта сцена вытащила весь фильм с 7 на 8ку))

промо-відео до виходу нового кліпу гурту Серцевий Напад

Wolverine Says "Go Fuck Yourself" scene in X-Men:First Class , it is really a funny scene.

by jacksepticeye

Original video:

by Oksana Krychynska
На случай важных переговоров

by Aleksandr Latyshev


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A special video dedicated to the most inspired phrase in the history of communication.


Bubbles deals with an illegitimate Bible salesman.

vid for wooper also round 3 of being gay with torren


Gravity Galls by Alex Hirsch
Audio by blya, v dushe ne ebu

Hank Death Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uXpgSRDHXw

Hi tumblr and co, thanks for getting me all these views

New Intro Version by Spencer Davis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTmQWqXdBzM

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A Clip from the Documentary "Fuck." A Lousiana resident expresses on air how he feels about Cheney.

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New anticlimax track)

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Steven Ogg, also known as Trevor from GTA 5, takes my brother's request to yell at him to "GO FUCK YOURSELF" this is my point of view of things if you want the original video that is more viral here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeMuJbn_OhA

Ok then
this video is a retard magnet....

*****Content mature subject & Slash scenes. Watch at your own risk. Don't tell you're not advised.*****

It's the explanation of the strange face of wolverine at the end of this scene. And it's a dedication for DDfan96 who do a fantastic job with her merthur, fassavoy & destiel vids. Congrats for 1 000 subs :)
I know my manips aren't good like yours, but it's a little gifts for your amazing job :)
Thanks for sharing your videos, long live to your channel.

Go Fuck Yourself: The Movie

At roughly 11:55 PM CDT, a Ferguson police officer was spotted randomly pointing an assault rifle at protesters. This event was captured by the citizen journalist Rebelutionary_Z. The officer pointed his rifle at Rebelutionary_Z's companion, identified as Josiah (an African-American), and said "I will fucking kill you, get back." When asked for his name by Rebelutionary_Z, the officer responded "Go fuck yourself."

The full video is here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/51598475
The clip begins at

a marine in Iraq singing a love song to his girl back home.

House of cards

Hi people, here's just a little project of mine.
I really hope you'll enjoy that :D

Here's the Project File: http://adf.ly/1hENFx
-Top Lights 2.5 ...

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who is the man!!!! I AM THE MAN

Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself (Dj IgArY MolodkiW vs... → promodj.com/Dj.IgArY.MolodkiW

my friend: i dont like even. he is a bit weird.
me: (ง •̀_•́)ง
also me: sends to her friend billions of even/henrik pics and memes, talk...

Download The Song Here:

Music video by DJ Semi feat. Chris Webby performing Go Fuck Yourself. (C) 2012 Marvelous Music Group.

Video Produced, Directed, and Edited by DJ Semi for http://www.sparkdesigns.biz

Where are the Motörheadbangers?

режисер, оператор, монтаж - Станіслав Пуздряк (Boroda Cinema)
монтаж - Сергій Сухолотюк (Концертний Пайок)


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"bring it, bitch"


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a Film by Julian Pircher Music video for „Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself“. a Film by: Julian Pircher First Assistant: Markus Kinsele Actor: ...

Charlie Kelly singing his 2nd song in the 3rd episode of the 9th season.


This clip was extracted from the "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" television show. All rights belong to FXX, a subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Group.

Copyright Disclaimer:

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that m

GTA VR (ft. Steven Ogg) русский перевод, цензурный вариант: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-8ADIFzrNc

Mafia 3 МО...

I synced the various clips and made a multiangle version.

• Music: Go F**k Yourself by Two Feet
• Dancer: Phoebe, Dana, Mia, Afrora, Alandra, Anna
• Choreography: Pedram Zamani
• Camera & Edit: Zam...

Fucked and drank all night
I did all alright
Had no need to fight
Tonight, tonight [2x]

Cast me far away
Play these little games
Actin' all okay
Today, today [2x]

Каждый занят своим, до других никому нету дела.
Единицы лишь тех, кто себя раздаёт по частям.
Кто готов на куски, на частицы порвать своё тело,
И при этом всегда он готов лишь к плохим новостям.

Это нет, не настрой - это просто ему горька правда,
Горько слово о том, что впустую себя отдаёт.
Каждый вечер вот так - проклинает грядущее завтра,
Но считает с утра, сколько счастья всем близким грядёт.

Он себя целиком посвящает любимым и близким,
Не жалеет себя, он жалеет лишь их, и всегда
"Нас не нужно жалеть" - так, срываясь на визг и
С хрипотою лгут ему нежные их голоса.

Только он никогда, никогда не заметит,
Не поймёт, не учтёт, что корыстны они.
Нет, не все, но практически сотня процентов,
Считают, что стоят больше своей номинальной цены.

Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself

This video was filmed at the Impericon Festival 2014 in Cologne.
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Das Live Video wurde auf dem Impericon Festival 2014 in Köln aufgenommen.
Deez Nuts Merch gibt es unter http://smarturl.it/DN-merch