God Is An Astronaut - Remembrance Day

Artist: God Is An Astronaut
Song: Remembrance Day
Album: All Is Violent, All Is Bright
Year: 2005
Genre: Post Rock

God is an Astronaut - Remembrance Day @ Chernivtsi, Ukraine. 14 April 2011.
p.s. sorry for the quality, this video was recorded by Nokia N78<br/><br/>

Тенденция показывать "лучшие" стороны человечества заслуживает уважения.

A very cool song by GIAA , peaceful , emotional and catchy. I've added a few fractls to make it look better than a dull static picture ^^

14.04.2011 Chernivtsy Summer Theatre

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Video footage: NASA | IMAX
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(Live In Chernivtsi 14.04.2011)