Going Where The Training Is

1st Prize – National Competition "Canções Com Gente Dentro" at the MUVI Lisboa 2014 %3E%3E Official Selection at the 22nd Curtas Vila do Conde From the album "Almost Visible Orchestra [2013]" A music video by We Are Plastic Too Director of Photography: Leandro Ferrão Concept by Noiserv & We Are Plastic Too Assistant Camera: Selma Lopes Assistant Production: Noiserv Executive Production: Fullsix Portugal Many thanks to Casa Independente http://noiserv.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com

Samantha Emanuel

Samantha Hasthorpe, the only British member of the Bellydance Superstars touring troupe, tells Creative Choices how she fell in love with tribal style bellydancing and why she had to leave the UK to train professionally. With only videos to learn from, no local teachers and no arts funding for training abroad, Hasthorpe studied with teachers in San Francisco for six months. Now performing internationally, she hopes to bring the style back to the UK to teach others.

Performance footage from "Tribal Fusions"

// "This is maybe the place where trains are going to sleep at night"
// Noiserv
// Almost Visible Orchestra [2013]

_Music video by: We Are Plastic Too
_Concept by: Noiserv and We Are Plastic Too
_Director of Photography: Leandro Ferrão
_Camera Assist: Selma Lopes
_Assistant Production: Noiserv
_Executive Production: Fullsix Portugal

Many thanks to Casa Independente