Gonzales - Gogol

потрясный он.
и тапки крутые, определённо.

My first solo for the end of 2008. Thanks Gabito I got this lovely music! is an inspiration..

Aux croisés des chemins gogol découvre une vieille demeure ou se trouve l'amour, un amour impossible ou il se plonge et danse dans une joyeuse et douce folie... Par Peggy, Jess et Pierre d'après la musique de Gonzales

The black things on my hands are cut up socks.. I was wearing them because the old coal heating in this room often doesnt work properly.. I am not into gothic fashion^^..
Sheet music: www.chillygonzales.com

sheet music/les partitions: http://www.sheetmusicdirect.com/se/ID_No/93908/Product.aspx
or: http://chillygonzales.sandbag.uk.com/Store/DII-322-8-notebook+vol+1.html<br/><br/>

Chilly Gonzales plays live with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna to support his new orchestral rap album "The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales".

Filmed by the folks at Radio FM4.

• Choreographer and dancer: Nadia Appolonova

"Gogol" by Chilly Gonzales

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