Google Translator Song
A song about Google Translate written by Taiwanese Pianist Wiwi Kuan (官大為), using only voices from the Taiwanese version of Google Translate.

Wiwi's website:

「Google 翻譯歌」
詞 / 曲 / 演奏:官大為
演唱:Google 翻譯台灣版

最近看到大家都一直在玩 Google 翻譯,所以我就想,那就寫一首歌,然後用它的發音功能來唱吧!

中間那段鋼琴獨奏的 PDF 樂譜在這邊:

MP3 版和卡啦版在๨

Google переводчик поет [Google Translate Song]

Here is the Google Translator Beatbox:

I really liked the idea of making a beatbox sound with the Google Translator (which wasn't my idea) and had to make a short song out of it and I am really excited if there will come a wave of Songs which use the translator as an Instrument!

BeatBox vom Google translator ;D

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This is by far the most requested song on this channel. Thank you immensely to Jody Frye who educated me in the ways of Pokemon.

Guitar, keys, drums: Micah Katz-Zeiger
Bass: Marco Pittarelli

Thanks to Jeremy Katzenstein!

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What do you think would happen if we put nursery rhymes through Google Translate? Let's just say, you'll never think of the muffin man the same way again.

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You guys asked for it! So here it is!! :D


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funny google translate song

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